The troops and weapons are part of a Saudi military buildup aimed at implementing the Riyadh Agreement

Saudi military reinforcements arrive to Shabwa en route to Aden

Saudi Arabian troops and military supplies arrived Saturday evening in Shabwa governorate on their way to Yemen’s interim capital Aden, where the Kingdom is overseeing a power sharing deal.

Almasdar Online’s correspondent in Shabwa said that the military supplies included trailers loaded with armored vehicles and ammunition. One of the ammunition trailers exploded after it rolled over in the Naqbah area of Habban district, according to a local source in the Ministry of Defense.

Saudi Arabia is overseeing the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement signed between the Yemeni government and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, whose pro-secession forces have controlled the interim capital Aden since August.

The agreement seeks to unite the anti-Houthi Yemeni factions and restore government control of Aden.



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