The Ashawes Brigades are leaving through the port of Al-Mocha in Taiz Governorate, according to a military source

Last batch of Sudanese forces leave Yemen's Red Sea coast, hand off positions to Saudi-backed troops

The last battalions of Sudanese forces began their withdrawal from Yemen’s west coast Sunday morning after years of fighting as part of the Saudi-led coalition’s war against the Houthis in Yemen.

A military official at Yemen’s ministry of defence who requested to remain anonymous told Almasdar Online that the Sudanese Al-Ashawes (Elite) Brigades began their handover to the Yemen’s “Joint Forces,” which consists of the Giants Brigades, the Tihama Resistance and Republican Guards led by Brig. Gen. Tarek Saleh.

The Al-Ashawes Brigades are the last batch of Sudanese forces to leave Yemen after four years of involvement in the war, the military official said, adding that the forces are leaving through the port of Al-Mocha in Taiz Governorate.

The Sudanese fighters suffered hundreds of casualities helping liberate the Red Sea coast of Taiz and Hodeidah governorates from Houthis, before the UN-sponsored Stockholm peace agreement halted a military march toward the strategic port city of Hodeidah. 



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