New batch of UAE troops in Aden prepares to leave Al-Zeit port

A new batch of UAE military forces in Aden has begun arrangements to leave through the port of Al-Zeit, west of the city, which has seen shipments of vehicles, tanks and military vehicles belonging to the UAE, which has begun to evacuate its positions in the southern provinces of Lahj and Aden, a military source said Friday.

The source told "Al-Masdar Online" that large trucks began to transport a force consisting of military vehicles and technical equipment of the UAE forces stationed at the headquarters of the Arab Coalition forces in Buraiqa to the port of Al-Zeit located in the same city, in preparation for the departure of the city later in the evening Friday or Saturday morning.

The preparation for the departure of this batch of UAE troops comes 24 hours after the shipment of the pieces and technical equipment of the UAE turbine station to one of its ships.

According to the source, this batch is one of the last batches of UAE forces that began to leave Aden since the beginning of last week, after 5 years of stationing at Aden International Airport and the headquarters of the Arab Alliance in Buraiqa, in addition to the military base of Al-Anad in Lahj province and a number of military positions in the cities of Al-Mocha and Al-Khokha in the west coast of the country.

The departure of UAE forces, according to observers, is part of an undisclosed understanding between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi as part of a solution to the crisis that followed the UAE-backed southern transitional takeover of Yemen's interim capital, Aden, in early August.


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