Several others in Ibb are infected and receiving treatment for the mosquito-borne viral illness without major complications, a medical official said

First death from dengue fever reaches Ibb governorate

Medical officials on Wednesday announced the first death from dengue fever in Ibb governorate in central Yemen. 

The patient died Tuesday evening in Jebla City, southwest of Ibb City, a medical official told Almasdar Online. A number of other people in Ibb, including women and children, are infected and receiving treatment for dengue fever without major complications, the official said.

The World Health Organization has recorded an estimated 59,486 suspected cases and 219 deaths from the mosquito-borne viral illness through the end of November this year. Most of the cases have been concentrated in Taiz and Hodeidah governorates to the west and southwest of Ibb. A state of emergency was declared last week in Al-Badha governorate, southeast of Ibb, amid a dengue fever outbreak. 

The dengue fever death comes days after two people in Ibb died of the "N1H1" virus, commonly known as swine flu, the official said. Dozens of confirmed cases of cholera and diphtheria have been identified in various Yemeni governorates in recent months.



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