The war has displaced more than 3.6 million people since 2015

IOM: war has displaced 400,000 Yemenis in 2019

Nearly 400,000 Yemenis have been displaced in conflict since the beginning of the year, according to a new report by the UN's International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Yemen’s war, which officially started in March 2015, has displaced more than 3.6 million people, the IOM said in a recent report.

From Jan. 1 to Dec. 21, 398,412 people in Yemen have been displaced at least once.

During the past week, Al-Dhale governorate has seen the highest number of internal displacements. Several international aid organizations closed their offices in Al-Dhale City after coming under attack from an armed Salafist group.

A high rate of internal displacement was also recorded in Taiz governorate last week, including in the Shara’b Al-Salam District, where a viral fever outbreak has been reported. Most of the families displaced in Taiz had already been displaced once from other areas of Taiz, as well as Aden and Hodeidah governorates.

The IOM report also suggests a high rate of displacement in Al-Jawf and Hodeidah governorates, due to increased conflict. 



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