The visit follows EU meetings with Yemeni politicians in the interim capital Aden last week

EU delegation arrives in Sana’a to discuss de-escalation and reach a 'comprehensive settlement'

A high-level European Union (EU) delegation arrived in Sana’a on Sunday to meet with Houthi leaders following an earlier visit to Aden, Yemen’s interim capital, where they met with the internationally recognized government’s Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed.

The delegation included EU Ambassador to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, French Ambassador to Yemen Christian Testot and the Netherlands Ambassador to Yemen Irma van Dueren. 

The visit comes as part of the EU's continued contact with Yemeni parties to encourage them to reach a comprehensive political settlement, according to a statement on the EU’s website. 

“The EU seeks to encourage the ongoing de-escalation efforts and the resumption of intra-Yemeni political talks, under the auspices of UN Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths,” the statement read.

The visit follows talks last week in Aden with Yemen’s internationally recognized government and other key members to implement the Riyadh agreement, a power-sharing deal aimed at calming tensions in southern governorates.

The three ambassadors called for unhindered humanitarian access, an improved working environment for humanitarian actors, respect for human rights and improved living conditions for Yemeni citizens across the country, while also discussing economic, developmental, environmental and cultural issues.

"We look forward to positive engagements with Yemeni actors on a wide range of issues. We are particularly alarmed by the continued humanitarian suffering in Yemen and reiterate our call for an immediate end of the conflict," they said in the statement.

The ambassadors assured their continued support for Yemen adding that the EU and its member states are among the major donors, particularly in the areas of  resilience, rural livelihoods and humanitarian assistance.



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