Houthi supervisors have faced ongoing accusations of corruption and abuse of power given the relative impunity with which they are allowed to operate 

Houthi "supervisor" kills two brothers and maims a third for refusing to rent land in Sana'a

Nabeel Alawzari, a Sana’a-based photojournalist, said in a Facebook page on Wednesday that Houthi “supervisor” Ibrahim Al-Zubairi killed two of his brothers and injured a third after they refused to rent the rebel official their land on Nasr Street in the Sawan area of Yemen’s capital Sana’a. 

Supervisors are senior Houthi officials assigned to oversee a particular district, neighborhood, state department or institution. Supervisors generally lack the skills necessary to perform their jobs and are selected based mostly on loyalty to the rebel government. 

One of Alawzari’s slain brothers, Ibrahim Rajeh, leaves behind three children.

“God how painful it is to be an ambitious young man and plan your future with your children,” Alawzari wrote on his Facebook page. “Then arrives a barbaric man who follows a militia with nothing but death in its dictionary and kills you in cold blood.” 

In a separate post, Alawzari said that after Al-Zubairi killed Rajeh, the supervisor prevented onlookers from providing help and shot at those who tried to do so. Elders from the area intervened an hour-and-a-half after the shootings and the victims were rushed to the hospital.

“Have you seen more oppression than this?” Alawzari wrote in the post. “You get killed in cold blood on your own land even though you are unarmed, and others are prevented from taking you to a hospital.”

Since Yemen’s war started in 2015, Houthi supervisors have faced scores of accusations of corruption, abuse of power and other crimes given the relative impunity with which the officials are allowed to operate. 



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