Both sides suffered dozens of casualties, according to a field commander in Nihm, who described some of the fiercest clashes since 2016

Houthis seize majority of positions in Nihm district amid fierce fighting on Al-Jawf, Marib border

Houthi fighters advanced against the Yemeni army on multiple fronts northeast of the capital Sana’a on Sunday. 

Houthis gained ground in the Al-Safara area of Majzar, the northwesternmost district of Marib governorate, before taking control of the historic town of Baraqesh, just over the Marib border in Al-Jawf governorate, after some of the fiercest clashes between the Yemeni army and the rebels since 2016.

Meanwhile, Houthis expanded into the Al-Aqaba area between al-Jawf and Marib after capturing the triangle linking Al-Jawf, Marib and Sana'a governorates, a field commander on the Nihm front told Almasdar Online.

Violent clashes were unfolding to the north in the Al-Mutoon district of Al-Jawf, where the Yemeni army was trying to maintain its positions, including the governorate compound in the district.

Both sides suffered dozens of casualties, the field commander said without specifying a number.

In Nihm district, army forces retreated to the Al-Jafra area, he said. The Houthis had earlier captured the 312 Brigade camp, located on the strategic Fardhat Nihm hill from where they managed to control Yam Mountains. The government forces had lost most of their positions in Nihm district, he said.



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