Clutching photographs of their imprisoned children, the mothers demanded answers from the Saudi-led coalition and the Hadi government

Mothers of Abductees Association holds vigil in front of judiciary in Aden

Yemen’s Association of Mothers of Abductees held a vigil in Aden in front of the interim capital’s judicial complex on Thursday morning to pressure authorities to release details of their kidnapped children’s whereabouts and bring their perpetrators to justice. 

Clutching photographs of their imprisoned children who have gone missing for nearly four years, the mothers and other family members shouted appeals to the Saudi-led coalition and the internationally recognized  government, and denounced the silence of Yemen’s Interior Ministry and the judicial process.  

The mother of prisoner Mohammed Saeed was filled with anguish as she held photographs of her son before and after his detention.

The association sent a memo to the Ali Nasser Salem, head of the Supreme Judicial Council, asking him to intervene by contacting the government-run Interior Ministry to find the missing children and refer those involved in their abductions.

The vigil is one of many held every week in an attempt to secure the release of their children who have been missing for years. 

In mid-January, the association protested in front of Aden's Bir Ahmed prison, where prisoners infected with dengue fever have been prevented access to treatment.



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