Up to 15,500 households could be affected if fighting continues, the UN said

UN: More than 3,800 families displaced as fighting escalates in Nihm, Marib and Al-Jawf 

More than 3,800 families have been displaced as fighting intensifies between the Houthis and Yemeni army forces in Sana’a, Al-Jawf and Marib governorates in the past two weeks, according to a recent report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).

Covering the period from Jan. 19  to Feb. 2, the report estimated a total of 3,825 families were displaced in Nihm district in eastern Sana'a governorate, Sirwah district in Marib governorate, and Al-Mutoon in Al-Jawf governorate, after a Houthi ballistic missile struck the Reception military camp in Marib on Jan. 18, killing more than 110 government soldiers. 

There were no civilian casualties in an attack on the Al-Khaneq camp for internally displaced people in Marib’s Majzar district, which was shelled on Jan. 26, forcing 1,550 families to leave the camp for Marib’s Medghal district. Another 500 families were displaced inside Nihm, and 400 families were forced to move in Al-Jawf governorate.

Another 180 displaced families were registered in Bani Hushaysh district, and 100 families were displaced from Sirwah district in Marib to Khawlan district in Sana'a.

Many of those fleeing frontline areas are being displaced for the second time and their financial resources have depleted, according to the report. The conflict refugees live in dire conditions on the streets or in crowded areas and are in urgent need of emergency shelter and non-food items including tents, and warm items for winter.

The UNOCHA report warned that if hostilities continued to increase, further displacements are likely in Al-Hazm, Nihm, Majzar, Sirwah, and Medghal districts, and could affect up to 15,500 households. 



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