Global Cloud Xchange, the owner of the Falcon cable, told TeleYemen that engineers had started repairing the cable over the weekend

TeleYemen says repairs underway on undersea Falcon cable that caused ongoing internet outage

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) has started repairing the undersea fiber-optic cable that was damaged near the Suez Canal last month, knocking out 80 percent of Yemen’s internet capacity. 

Houthi-controlled telecommunications company TeleYemen received an email on Saturday from GCX, the owner of the so-called Falcon cable, noting that engineers had begun repairing the cable at the damage site, according to a source at TeleYemen, Yemen’s dominant international telecommunication services provider.  

Internet services in Yemen have been severely disrupted since Jan. 9, when the cable was damaged. TeleYemen suggested that it was likely damaged by the anchor of a large merchant vessel in the immediate area. 

TeleYemen earlier announced that the Falcon cable wouldn’t be repaired until late February. In the meantime, the state-owned telecom said it would provide “temporary emergency capacities,” which have also been disrupted in recent days. 

Dr. Ali Naji Nassari, CEO of TeleYemen,denied that the reason for the discontinuation was the failure of the company to pay its dues to GCX, adding that "these rumors are incorrect."



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