The clashes follow an ambush by the Ghadder Al-Shar’abi gang on rival Ghazwan Al-Mekhlafi’s convoy a week ago north of Taiz city

Gang violence in Taiz governorate kills one, injures five

Fighting between the Ghadder Al-Shar’abi and Ghazwan Al-Mekhlafi armed gangs in Taiz governorate killed one gunman and injured five others, including two children in the early hours of Wednesday. 

Eyewitnesses in the area said Ghazwan Al-Mekhlafi attacked Ghadder Al-Shar’abi in the Wadi Al-Qadi area in northern Taiz. The fighting escalated when the two sides started using medium-sized machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

Taiz police who intervened to stop the clashes arrested some men, while others fled, witnesses said. 

The clashes follow an ambush by Ghadder Al-Shar’abi on Ghazwan Al-Mekhlafi’s convoy a week ago in Osifrah, north of Taiz city, which killed two gunmen and injured three others, including the Ghazwan Al-Mekhlafi leader. 

Citizens have appealed to the local authority and army leadership to take actions against gangs who threaten their security.



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