The rebels accused former Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Qawsi and former intel chief Ammar Saleh of carrying out the plots

Houthis foil alleged Saudi-UAE intelligence plots to disrupt stability in rebel-controlled areas

The Houthis claim to have foiled plots run by Saudi and UAE intelligence cells to subvert authority and sow chaos in rebel-controlled areas, Houthi Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdul Khaleq Al-Ajri said in a press conference on Monday.

An investigation conducted by the Houthis claimed that the first cell was headed by Maj. Gen. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Qawsi, the former interior minister of Yemen’s internationally recognized government, who was directly responsible for implementing orders from Saudi intelligence in Sharurah city in southern Saudi Arabia. 

The second cell was run by the UAE under Ammar Mohammed Saleh, former deputy of the National Security Bureau and nephew of Yemen’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Al-Ajri said.

Leaders of both intelligence units planned to use security, educational and media tools to collude against the Houthis, Al-Ajri said, while at the same time echoing often repeated accusations against Houthi enemies of espionage and providing information for military targets. 

The Houthis also accused both leaders of distributing anti-Houthi propaganda leaflets and brochures in various educational institutions and reporting on the level of the acceptance of Hadi government among the public.



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