UAE completes shipment of items extracted from Al Haswa power plant in Aden in preparation for return to Abu Dhabi

A special source told "Al-Masdar Online" that the process of shipping equipment for the turbine plant provided by the United Arab Emirates to Aden, completed after two full days to leave Al-Zait port on Thursday.

The source added that a ship loaded with equipment, parts and equipment belonging to a power plant provided by Abu Dhabi to the Electricity Corporation in Aden will leave Al-Zait port in the directorate of Al-Buraiqa in the west of the city later Thursday as part of the UAE withdrawal operations from the interim capital, which began last week.

On Tuesday, the UAE began a process of loading equipment and parts for its turbine plant, which comes days after the representative of the UAE Red Crescent in Aden sent a letter to al-Heswa station, demanding that the transfer of equipment for the plant be facilitated in the first official statement from the Abu Dhabi Organization. the move sparked widespread controversy in the city of Aden.

Starting last week, UAE military forces left with their equipment and evacuated some of the pieces, equipment and technical equipment used by Abu Dhabi at its bases in Aden and Lahj provinces.


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