A Houthi mushref (supervisor) monitoring the nearby security checkpoint where the shooter was based intervened a half an hour into the attack

Houthi soldier opens fire at secondary school, killing and injuring students and teachers

A Houthi soldier stormed Jihad secondary school near the border of Taiz and Ibb governorates in central Yemen on Tuesday and started firing indiscriminately, killing one student and injuring two others and a teacher.

The gunman, Mohammed Mahyoob Maamoun, who was stationed at a nearby Houthi security checkpoint, broke into the public school and fired on students and teachers with an AK-47 assault rifle, according to local sources and students. Eyewitnesses said the teachers at the school prevented a massacre by shutting the classroom doors as the gunman tried to break in.

The school is located in the Al-Zenj area between Shar’ab district of Taiz and Al-Odain district in Ibb.

The terrified boys and girls, aged between six and 18, were in lockdown for 30 minutes after the shooting started. Nearby residents rushed to the scene after hearing the children screaming, while the gunman continued to shoot at the classrooms, sources in the area said. 

Houthi gunmen at a nearby security checkpoint, led by Houthi mushref (supervisor) Talal al-Majidi, did not intervene to stop the shooting by their colleague until a half an hour later. Majidi forced students and parents to leave the school after the attacker left the premises, sources said. 

The Houthis promised to hold their colleague accountable, but at the same time threatened parents and students from escalating the situation. They stressed that Majidi, the group's supervisor, would resolve the issue with local tribesmen and communicate with the parents.

Residents in the area denounced the gunman's actions as a violation of the principles of the educational institute. They placed responsibility for the crime on the Houthi-run Ministry of Education, it’s top official Yahya Al-Houthi, and other rebel leaders in Sana’a.



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