Houthis advance into Al-Hazm, the governorate capital of Al-Jawf

The Houthis fought their way into Al-Hazm city, located in the center of Al-Jawf governorate, on Sunday, according to local sources. The fighting has caused government forces to retreat to the outskirts of the governorate capital, where heavy clashes are ongoing.

Shelling by both warring parties in the battle for Al-Hazm has resulted in a mass displacement of hundreds of local families, many of which are seeking shelter in Marib governorate.

The unprecedented advance by the Houthis comes after weeks of heavy clashes elsewhere in Al-Jawf, in addition to adjacent districts in Sana’a and Marib. According to government forces, the Houthis have suffered heavy losses on the battlefield, but the group has devoted significant resources to a well-coordinated campaign along several fronts northeast of Sana’a.




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