Nine civil society organizations issued a statement on Wednesday criticizing the humanitarian response after the Houthi capture of Al-Hazm city

Local NGOs: Slow relief for newly displaced Yemenis in Marib and Al-Jawf

Nine civil society organizations issued a statement on Wednesday accusing the Houthis of violations in Al-Hazm city, the capital of Al-Jawf governorate, which the rebels seized from Yemen’s internationally recognized government on Sunday. 

Houthi forces were accused of raiding and looting more than 48 houses in the capital. The rebels were also accused of stealing medical supplies and disabling equipment in Al-Hazm General Hospital, which deprived thousands of beneficiaries of medical care, according to the statement. 

Nearly 30,000 students have stopped attending classes since the Houthi capture of Al-Hazm, the statement said, calling on UN agencies and international humanitarian organizations to speed up the delivery of emergency supplies such as tents, food and health services.

Condemning the silence of UN organizations in the face of the unfolding crisis, the statement also called on the Yemeni government and relevant aid groups to quickly assess the humanitarian situation in Marib as a result of the recent events in Al-Jawf and its vicinity and provide urgent humanitarian help.

"We have clearly observed a very weak and very slow emergency humanitarian response by the government, local authorities and local organizations, despite the fact that more than a month-and-a-half has passed since the displacement of the residents of Majzar district and Al-Khaneq IDP camp, the actual response has not exceeded 20 percent of the needs of the displaced,” the statement read.

The civil society organizations called for the formation of a mini-emergency committee from the local authorities to speed up humanitarian assistance in Marib, warning that an unprecedented humanitarian disaster could occur from continued military fighting and missiles targeting Marib city, which has become home to more than a million civilians and displaced people in recent years.



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