"Since when are women's homes confiscated in Yemen?” Dr. Hafsa Taher said in a letter detailing the ordeal

Houthis seize university professor's home after convicting husband of collaborating with Saudi coalition

Houthi authorities broke into the home of a Sana’a University professor on Wednesday, took inventory of its contents, evicted its inhabitants and confiscated the property located in the Shamlan neighborhood of the capital Sana’a. 

Dr. Hafsa Taher, who has taught at Sana’a University for nearly 30 years, is currently an associate professor in the university's English department. 

Her home and its contents were confiscated as part of a court ruling by the Houthi-run Specialized Criminal Court against 35 members of parliament on Tuesday. Taher is married to Dr. Saleh Sanabani, one of the MPs sentenced to death and stripped of all of their properties and financial holdings for allegedly collaborating with the Saudi-led coalition. The seized property and finances will go to the Houthi-run government, the court ruled.

In a letter addressed to her university colleagues, widely circulated on social media, Taher detailed the incident and pleaded for help to get her home back. 

“The Houthis took an inventory of everything I have in my house, and asked the residents, my sister, mother-in law, and the rest of the family to leave, knowing that my mother-in-law is disabled.”

“What crime did I commit to have my home confiscated?” she asked. “I have served the country and built generations. My weapon is the pen, science and knowledge only. And now my house which I worked hard to build for myself and my children is confiscated under false pretexts.”

“Is this an end-of-service reward or what? Since when are women's homes confiscated in Yemen?” she asked. 



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