The plant would help replace expensive, diesel-powered generators that currently power much of Shabwa

Shabwa governor plans new 60 MW gas-powered electricity plant

Shabwa Governor Mohammed Saleh Bin Adyo signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Al-Mukalla Energy Solutions on Sunday to build a 60 megawatt gas-powered electricity plant that could  be increased to 150 MW.

The MoU stipulates a set of technical, engineering and legal conditions that must be met by both parties in less than a month for the project to continue. Al-Mukalla Energy Solutions, which would build and operate the power plant before transferring ownership to the state, is owned by Yemeni businessman Ali Ahmed Suleiman.

Bin Adyo said that he is working to find solutions for the chronic energy shortage facing the governorate, which currently purchases electricity from diesel-powered mobile generators that are often expensive and subject to frequent power cuts during fuel shortages.

Located in Shabwa's capital Ataq, the new power plant would use gas pumped and processed from the Ayad station in the governorate's Jardan district.

Shabwa has launched several development projects since it secured a 20 percent quota of the governorate's oil sale from the Aden-based central government last year.



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