Governor Mohammed Ali Yasser, who replaced Saudi-friendly Rajeh Bakreet, is sending positive signals to Oman

Al-Mahra's new governor starts work by sitting with anti-Saudi protesters 

Newly-appointed Al-Mahra Governor Mohammed Ali Yasser met with the leadership of an anti-Saudi sit-in committee on Sunday in a move aimed at easing tensions and increasing cooperation between the local authority and protesters. 

The governor stressed the importance of respecting opinions and the right to peaceful demonstrations for the eastern governorate’s security, and called on the people of Al-Mahra to cooperate, stay away from conflicts and preserve state institutions, an official in the local authority said.  

Sheikh Amer Saad Kalshat, chairman of the peaceful sit-in committee of the people of Al-Mahra, who is responsible for leading the protests against the Saudi-led coalition presence in Al-Mahra, in turn, expressed his readiness to stand by the governor and maintain security and stability, the official said. 

Kalshat pointed out that the sit-in committee stands by Yemen President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi’s internationally recognized government, its army and security forces and rejects any armed formations outside state institutions.

The sit-in committee has been demanding the departure of Saudi forces from the governorate and considers the Saudi presence an occupation and a violation of its sovereignty. 

The protesters, who receive backing from neighboring Oman, strongly opposed Al-Mahra’s former Saudi-backed governor, Rajeh Bakreet, whom they accused of corruption and allowing the illegal presence of the Saudi forces. Hadi replaced Bakreet with Yasser after recent clashes between the Saudis and tribesmen near the Omani border.

The Saudi military presence in Al-Mahra has caused concern for neighboring Oman, prompting the Sultanate to intervene with armed groups loyal to its alliance with Qatar. The alliance also fund media centers, websites and satellite channels in Al-Mahra.



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