Mustafa Al-Mazlam suffered from several physical and psychological illnesses related to torture in the Houthi-run prison in Ibb

Recently freed prisoner dies from torture-related complications

A recently released Houthi captive died on Wednesday after succumbing to illnesses from torture he suffered in a secret prison in Ibb governorate in central Yemen. 

Mustafa Abdullah Hammoud Al-Mazlam died in Ibb’s Al-Sayani district weeks after his release from the secret prison in the same area, according to local human rights workers.

Al-Mazlam suffered from several physical and psychological ailments as a result of the torture and was only released after his health deteriorated, the human rights workers said, adding that the abuse left him bedridden for nearly seven weeks before his death. 

More than a dozen abductees in Houthi prisons in Ibb have died after horrific torture, according to local human rights reports and testimonies from the families of the victims.

Last month, Switzerland-based Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms (known as SAM) released a report highlighting the torture practices carried out in Houthi-run prisons operating in Taiz governorate’s Al-Saleh residential city.

Al-Mazlam was buried in Ibb.



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