Roads linking Houthi- and government-controlled areas have been closed in Taiz and Hodeidah

Houthis tighten siege on Taiz under pretext of coronavirus prevention

The Houthis have closed most of the roads in central Yemen that link their territory with areas under the control of Yemen’s internationally recognized government, under the pretext of precautionary measures to prevent the potential spread of coronavirus. 

Houthis closed the rugged mountain road linking their stronghold in the Al-Hawban area east of Taiz city (the capital of Taiz governorate) with the city center, which is held by pro-government forces, local residents told Almasdar Online. The road linking Al-Hawban with neighboring Lahj governorate has also been closed.

In Hodeidah governorate on the Red Sea coast, the rebels cut off access to the road between Hees city, which is under government control, and Houthi-controlled areas north and east of Hees district, the residents said.

The restriction of movement of citizens and commercial trucks is in accordance with the directives of the Houthi-run High Ministerial Committee for Epidemic Control to prevent the spread of coronavirus in areas under their control. 



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