The clashes are just two of several ongoing battles in country following the Houthi capture of much of Al-Jawf governorate

Yemen army repels Houthi attacks in Marib, Al-Baydha

Yemen’s internationally recognized government repelled a violent attack by the Houthis on Kofal camp in the western part of Marib governorate early Tuesday, according to a government military official. 

The Houthis launched a fierce offensive with heavy shelling, allowing them to reach the perimeter of the army’s strategic Kofal camp. The government forces, in turn, repelled the attack with the help of troop reinforcements and support from local tribesmen, an official at the Ministry of Defense told Almasdar Online. 

The clashes later moved several kilometers away from the Kofal camp, where the army’s 312th Infantry Brigade has been stationed since 2016. The brigade controls a large area in the vicinity of the camp that secures Marib governorate from incursions from the west, the official said. 

The intense fighting in Kofal camp coincided with a similar attack by the Houthis on government forces’ positions in Al-Baydha governorate’s Qaniyah front, which lasted for several hours. The army claimed to have repelled the attack and killed several Houthi fighters. 

Websites aligned with the government forces posted photos of Houthi fighters killed in the clashes, and photos and videos of prisoners they claimed to be Houthis.



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