The fighting has seeped into Al-Jawf's eastern Khab Al-Shaaf district, which the Houthis have yet to topple

Yemen army, tribal fighters battle Houthis in Al-Jawf's eastern desert

Fierce fighting broke out between the Houthis and government forces backed by popular resistance forces in the desert of Al-Jawf governorate’s Khab Al-Shaaf district in northern Yemen.

During the surprise operation, the Yemeni army targeted Houthi gatherings in Wadi Wasit, an area invaded by the Houthis two days ago, located between Khab Al-Shaaf and Al-Jawf’s capital of Al-Hazm city, according to an army field commander in the area.

The government forces captured 35 of the Houthi gunmen and killed and injured dozens, the commander said.

Yemen’s army seized at least six military vehicles, several trucks and weapons and ammunition abandoned by the Houthis after they fled, he added. 

Meanwhile, the Houthi fighters launched a large offensive from the Sabreen area in the west towards Wadi Wasit. The army launched a counterattack and recaptured large areas, leading to heavy Houthi losses, an official in the defense ministry said.

The official said dozens of Houthis were captured by the army, which also seized Houthi equipment and weapons.



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