The Saudi-led coalition delivers 12 Houthi child soldiers captured at the Saudi border to Marib police

Captured Houthi child soldiers delivered to Marib police

On Sunday, November 3rd, sources from within the Hadi government’s security apparatus have told Al-Masdar Online that the Saudi-led coalition handed over 12 houthi child soldiers to the Marib police.  The children were captured during clashes at the Saudi border

In the coming days, the child-soldiers will be handed over to their parents in the presence of international and local organizations concerned with children’s welfare. According to the same source the children are all children between the ages of 12 and 14. 

This is not the first incidence of the sort, and the Saudi-led coalition and Hadi government forces have to date handed over dozens of child soldiers following rehabilitation. The rehabilitation of Houthi child soldiers is sponsored by the Salman foundation through the Wethaw Foundation for Civil Orientation. 


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