While there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yemen, the threat of the disease is already affecting the fragile economy

Yemeni parliamentarian calls for rent relief amid coronavirus fears

Parliamentarian Shawqy Al-Qadhi has launched an initiative to exempt Yemeni tenants from paying one month's rent, starting in April amid concerns about the economic effects of the spread of coronavirus. 

"To the owners of residential homes in Yemen ... Taking into account the circumstances of the disease and war in Yemen, please pardon the tenants of your homes from paying rent in April 2020," Al-Qadhi said in a series of tweets. 

"I will start by myself, to my tenants in Yemen, and will pardon you from paying April rent," he said.

One residential building owner in Marib, Sheikh Majed Al-Saba'ai, informed tenants that he would suspend rental payments for two months. 

The UN's World Health Organization said on Monday that there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Yemen.

In recent years, Yemen has seen a significant rise in rental prices in urban areas, leaving many families in a difficult situation.



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