The shipment was held up due to an ongoing dispute between the STC and the internationally recognized government in Aden over control of the coronavirus response

Coronavirus aid shipment stalled in Aden port amid Yemen government, STC power struggle

Security Belt Forces (SBF), the elite military wing of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), held back a shipment of medical equipment at Aden’s port in Tawahi district on Tuesday to restrict the spread of coronavirus, an official at Aden port told Almasdar Online.

SBF soldiers detained about 81 ambulances, 15 mobile medical clinics and 65 ventilators sent by the World Health Organization without providing justification. 

The official said the shipment was detained due to an ongoing dispute between the deputy director of the Health Bureau in Aden, Dr. Mohammed Rubaid, and STC leaders Dr. Abdul Nasser Al-Wali and Mohsen Al-Wali over control of the coronavirus response. 

STC leaders are refusing to pass on aid support from international organizations to the government without being included in the process, the official said. 



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