Two ministers resign in protest of the prime minister’s decision to suspend their work

Transportation Minister Saleh Al-Jabwani submitted his resignation letter to President Hadi on Saturday in protest against the prime minister’s decision to suspend his work. Hours later, Civil Service Minister Nabil Al-Faqih also submitted his resignation. 

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed issued a decision on Friday to suspend Transport Minister Al-Jabwani for what he called a serious breach in the performance of his duties, according to the letter from the prime minister addressed to his deputy Salem Al-Khanbashi, in which he was tasked with overseeing the ministry in addition to his regular work.

In Al-Jabwani’s resignation letter, addressed to President Hadi, the transport minister addressed the prime minister’s decision, calling it a “sovereign matter and exclusive to the president of the Republic, and the prime minister has no right to do so.” He added that he did not accept the decision, and announced his resignation.

In the same context, civil service and insurance minister Nabil Al-Faqih submitted his resignation, and mentioned several reasons for doing so. These included the difficulty of achieving any tangible results on the ground in the ministry’s work, and the absence of a change in the approach of state institutions and what he described as “total paralysis of the government, and government preoccupation with marginal matters.”




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