From Chaos in Aden to Reconciliation in Riyadh

In overseeing a reconciliation agreement between the Yemeni government and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), Saudi Arabia has reached a pivotal moment in its intervention in Yemen. Fighting between STC and government forces erupted three months ago, in early August, following the killing of a pro-STC military commander in a remote aerial attack launched by the Houthis on August 1st. The first week of clashes ended with the separatist STC and its allies expelling the government from Aden.

After weeks of tense negotiations, the ceremony staff at the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia is now working on the arrangements for the signing ceremony of the final agreement in Riyadh, which is expected to take place on Tuesday, November 5 in the presence of the King of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, UN Envoy Martin Griffiths, and several diplomats.

By announcing the agreement, Saudi Arabia wants to reflect the depth of its influence in the Yemeni file, and its ability to contain the conflicting parties. However, the agreement means little more than rearrangement of the internal structure of the alliance itself, after the armed rebellion by the STC and the expulsion of the government from Aden, with full Emirati support, according to Yemeni Interior Minister Ahmed Al-Maisari.

On August 7th, the Transitional Council announced, in the words of its vice president, Salafi sheikh Hani Bin Buraik, a "general mobilization" against the presence of the government in Aden, in response to the killing by the Houthis of the military commander nicknamed Abu Al-Yamama. Bin Buraik took the STC’s push toward secession a step further, going so far as to announce practical steps for secession. In response, the Yemeni government – including President Hadi in Riyadh, voiced unprecedented opposition to the STC, based on the Saudi position rejecting the STC’s armed rebellion, supported by their coalition partner the UAE. 

In the course of days, it appeared that the coalition formed by Saudi Arabia more than four years ago was about to unravel. Saudi Arabia threw all its weight behind the government and committed to stopping any escalation, in order to avoid the collapse of its military campaign against the Iranian-backed Houthis, and to avoid negative exposure with the international community. Riyadh called on both sides to enter into a dialogue in Jeddah, which took shape in early September. 

Indirect consultations between the government and STC lasted two months, culminating in an agreement announced at the beginning of November. The main features of the agreement are the return of the government to Aden and the freezing of separatist activities, in exchange for the STC and its local allies’ integration into the government and their involvement in monitoring the performance of the government and the integration of its armed forces into official institutions.

In this report we review the sequence of events that transpired from the outbreak of clashes in Aden, to the expected signing of the agreement in Riyadh.

August 1:

Abu Al-Yamama killed in a drone attack on military parade in Al-Jala camp in Al-Buraiqa, the Houthis claimed responsibility

STC says it has set up a commission of inquiry

Car bomb targets Sheikh Osman police station in Aden kills and injures 26 soldiers and civilians

The president and vice president mourn the killing of Abu Al-Yamama

The government condemns the attacks and says the ‘coincidental’ timing confirms the unity behind the source of the attacks


August 2 

Al-Qaeda attacks and controls the headquarters of the Security Belt in Al-Mahafad, which was regained after two hours without any confrontations 

Forced displacement from Aden of citizens of northern origin, and the burning of shops belonging to northern vendors


August 3

Violations, displacement, and attacks on the property of citizens of the north in Aden continue 

A statement by the Yafe’a tribes condemns the racist acts and stressed that the battle is not against common people


August 4

Statement attributed to Yafe’a tribes holds the government and the Islah party responsible for the Aden attacks and confirms that the response should be by the independence of the south

Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik says the government is in direct contact with coalition leadership to stop the displacement of northerners in Aden and push for a solution


August 5 

Armed crowds of Yafe’a tribesmen and armed men from Al-Dhale’a and Lahj arrive in Aden to demand revenge for Abu Al-Yamama’s death


August 6 

Protesters in Aden call for the expulsion of the government and call on the coalition to enable the STC to run the south 

Hani Bin Buraik announces the results of the investigation into the killing of Abu Al-Yamama, accuses the Hadi government and Islah party of killing him and coordinating with the Houthis in the attack 

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says Security Belt Forces have carried out retaliatory attacks against civilians from northern Yemen


August 7

Hundreds of gunmen gather for Abu Al-Yamama's funeral at Qatif cemetery and gather next to the Presidential Palace (Al-Ma’ashiq)

Clashes in the vicinity of Al-Ma’ashiq resulted in deaths 

STC announces popular mobilization and calls for storming Al-Ma’ashiq

Protection Commander of the 1st Presidential Protection Brigade confirms clashes with gunmen who tried to breach the palace gate

Shabwa Elite and Security Belt forces in Abyan, Lahj and Al-Dhale’a move to Aden, security deployment, tension and limited clashes

Limited clashes at the entrance of Badr camp, clashes in the vicinity of the 39th Armored Brigade and sporadic battles in Crater and Khormaksar districts

The STC calls for public mobilization to overthrow the ‘pro-Islah government of terrorism and corruption’

The Interior Minister appears in a video and confirms the state's readiness to defend its sovereignty and that it has informed the coalition about the developments

UN envoy expresses concern over clashes and escalation in Aden, warns of increasing Yemen’s division

Ambassadors of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to Yemen express grave concern over the violent escalation in the interim capital Aden

A statement by Turki Al-Maliki confirms that the coalition will not accept tampering with the interests of the Yemeni people and calls for arbitration of reason and work with the government to overcome the stage

The 2nd Elite Brigade led by Bouhar, prevents northern travelers from crossing al-Arm in Habab point and fires bullets to disperse them.


August 8 

Violent clashes in the vicinity of Al-Ma’ashiq palace 

Clashes in Jabal Hadid between the 3rd Presidential Protection Brigade and another from the 1st Brigade of the Transitional Council

Battles near the Secretariat of the Prime Minister and Aden refineries and clashes between the Coastal Defense Brigade supported by the resistance of Khor Maksar with special forces with reinforcements of the Security Belt Forces

Cutting off Al-Mu’alla–Khormaksar road and clashes in the vicinity of Aden refineries and reinforcement of the legitimacy at airport perimeter and progress in the island of workers 

Presidential Protection Forces advance in Sheikh Osman towards Caltex round in Mansoura and cut off reinforcement line 

Presidential Protection Forces foil an armed robbery attempt on the branch of the Agricultural Bank in Crater 

The European Union confirms its commitment to Yemen’s unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and calls on the parties to stop violence and enter dialogue

Giants Brigades call on the president and the coalition to intervene quickly and deter those who want to undermine security, and for a full investigation into the killing of Abu Al-Yamama

The government blames the STC for the armed escalation and calls on the coalition to prevent further escalation by the group

National Alliance of Parties condemns the STC’s escalation and calls on the president and Saudi Arabia to stop acts that threaten legitimacy

News of a calming committee formed by the Saudi Coalition and cautious calm and sporadic clashes in the evening as the mobilization continues

Interior Minister appears safe at home, following reports of his surrender due to clashes in the vicinity of his house


August 9

Forces from the 10th Brigade, the Lahj Security Department, and the Security Belt attack the headquarters of the 4th Presidential Protection Brigade with tank shells.

STC Reinforcements move into Crater city and advance towards the heart of the Old City and the areas of the 1st Presidential Protection Brigade’s position

Transitional forces take control of the 4th Presidential Protection Brigade camp 

Arab League calls for calm


August 10

STC forces take control of the camps of the 1st Brigade and the 3rd Brigade and Badr camp and storm the house of the Minister of Interior

The commander of the Special Security Forces, Major General Fadl Ba’eshash, and the commander of the military police in Lahj, Sabri Taher, announce their defection and join the STC.

UN Secretary-General expresses concern over Aden escalation, calls for dialogue and calm

Transitional Council takes control of presidential palace 

Yemeni government accuses STC and UAE of military coup against legitimate state institutions in Aden

UAE Foreign Ministry expresses concern, calls for dialogue, stresses intervention of UN envoy Martin Griffiths

Saudi Foreign Ministry calls on Yemeni parties to meet urgently in Jeddah to reach agreement

Coalition calls for immediate ceasefire, withdrawal from institutions, vows to punish violators


August 11 

STC spokesman announces the Council's response to the statement of the leadership of the coalition for the Support of Legitimacy, and its full commitment to the cease-fire

Coalition confirms that separatist forces have begun to withdraw from some of their positions 

Hani Bin Buraik mocks Saudi Arabia and confirms that they will not withdraw under the threat of aircraft and will not back down 

UN says 40 killed and 260 injured in Aden fighting

Al-Maisari appears in a video before leaving Aden and criticizes the president for his and Saudi Arabia’s silence about what he terms the ‘UAE coup’

STC president Aidarous Al-Zubeidi pledges to liberate Bayhan and Hadhramaut Valley, does not talk about withdrawal

Saudi King, Yemeni President hold talks, Salman confirms kingdom's support for government, unity and sovereignty of Yemen

Forces belonging to Brigadier General Tariq Saleh with Giants Brigades control al-Omari camp in Dhubab district of Taiz

UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed arrives in Riyadh


August 12

STC spokesman denies withdrawal from positions they have taken 

The homes of several leaders affiliated with the government in Aden are looted 


August 13

The STC confirms its readiness for dialogue 

UN calls for maintaining ceasefire and dialogue to resolve differences

Central Bank confirms it will remain operational in Aden after rumors of transferring to Hadhramaut


August 14

Yemeni Foreign Ministry demands withdrawal of STC forces and implementation of coalition statement before any dialogue 

Al-Maisari dismisses Shallal Shaye’a, Aden police director, and assigns Al-Shawhati and Shukri to the Aden, Lahj police departments and Al-Zamiki to lead the special forces in the governorate

The president issues a republican decree appointing Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Habaishi as commander of the 3rdmilitary zone and the 13th Infantry Brigade


August 15

STC mobilizes protesters in Aden and a statement called "Millions for  Empowerment and Stability" calls for the handover of the Southern Administration to the STC

Central Bank of Yemen announces the resumption of activity in its main headquarters After the end of the holiday

Clashes in Al-Turbah in Taiz between police and gunmen, some of them belonging to the army and security, in order to change the security director of Al-Shamayteen district.

Saudi media: The arrival of a military committee from the coalition to oversee the withdrawal of the STC.

Foreign Ministry renews demand for STC withdrawal and closes its offices in Aden

STC issues "constitutional declaration", directs the authorities and reveals directions of his administration to the south and the liberation of Bayhan and Hadramout


August 16

Prime Minister instructs government officials not to deal with STC directives 

Nine members of the House of Representatives call on the president to dispense the UAE from the Arab Coalition and impose state control


August 17

Houthi attacks on Abha airport, coalition says it shot down a drone plane

The 5th Brigade of Logistics and Support warns Saudi Arabia in statement of the bombing its camp after coalition flights over it

Coalition statement says STC has begun withdrawal and sources confirm that the withdrawal from four civilian positions

Saudi ambassador praises UAE's role in addressing Aden events, praises Yemeni journalists' positions

Drone attacks on Bisha oilfield near Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia consider it an attack on international power sources

A three-way meeting sponsored by the Foreign Ministry, which included Houthi and Iranian leaders with the ambassadors of Britain, France, Germany and Italy


August 18

Continued transfer of heavy military equipment from STC-controlled camps in Aden to neighboring provinces 

Al-Houthi appoints ambassador to his government in Iran and Tehran officially recognizes him and confirms its support for the group and stop the war in Yemen


August 19

Killing and kidnapping of citizens at by STC elements and the council prevents the deputy minister of information from entering the October 14 newspaper 

A press conference for Al-Maliki is held, in which he talked about the coalition statement during the STC takeover and did not mention from where they withdrew 

A statement by the Nasserist party about the silence of the presidency and denounces the position of the coalition and confirms that the STC coup is an extension of the Houthi coup

Pro-UAE forces surround special forces camps and military police in Zinjibar


August 20

UAE forces in Balhaf provide military and financial support to a pro-Houthi sheikh who has been detained by Saudi Arabia for months

STC forces attack military police in Al-Kud area and special forces at Zinjibar entrance

Foreign Ministry calls for halt of UAE military and financial support for the STC and holds it responsible for the escalation in Abyan

After the failure of the STC mediation, it breaks into the military police camp and takes control of the special forces camp. 

The government issues statement officially holding the UAE responsible for the STC coup attempt and its consequences

Griffiths to the Security Council: What happened in Aden and Abyan raises many questions about the fate of Yemen and made its division a real threat

Yemen's representative to the Security Council: What is happening is a coup d'etat with the planning and implementation of the UAE and its support disrupts Saudi efforts

UAE deputy delegate rejects government accusations at another UN meeting, describes them as incapacitated and reminds them of his country aid


August 21

U.S. MQ-9 aircraft shot down over Dhamar province and Al-Houthi talks about new defense system

Al-Barakani meets British ambassador and U.S. embassy official says the expansion of the STC in Abyan disrupts Saudi efforts

Foreign Minister confirms that the government is moving internationally to prevent UAE support for the STC

STC delegation arrives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Transitional forces break into Al-Ma’ashiq palace again, permits looting, with Saudi criticism to UAE and the Transitional Council

Protesters in Shabwa accuse UAE and Saudi Arabia of complicity with the STC coup and state that Bayhan is in the hands of its sons


August 22

Saudi equipment arrives at Arab Alliance headquarters in Marib

The Presidency of the House of Representatives headed by Al-Barakani calls on the president to review the relationship with the alliance and warns against deviating from its objectives

Tension in Ataq, the capital of Shabwa, after the escalation of the elite forces and a Saudi committee arrives the province in conjunction with a local mediation agreement to calm

The president of the Hadramout Inclusive Conference, the deputy governor, suggests Hadhramaut’s own rule to prevent conflicts

50 military personnel arrive from Saudi Arabia to reinforce the Al-Amjad Brigade in the area of Al-Minyasa, east of Lawdar district of Abyan

The Central Bank closes its doors as a precaution in Aden to be opened at the beginning of the following week


August 23

The Shabwa Elite and STC reinforcements break an agreement with Shabwa authority and attack government forces in Ataq

Government accuses UAE forces command in Balhaf of blowing up military situation and attempting to storm Ataq city 

Transitional Council delegation led by Zubaidi leaves Jeddah for Abu Dhabi after government refuses dialogue before full withdrawal

Government forces take control of Thamad elite camp east of Ataq and battles in the vicinity of the martyrs' camps and Murrah

The Joint Committee in Shabwa impose a curfew in Ataq

Saudi activists and academics attack UAE and its policies for the first time and talk about its treachery to Saudi Arabia


August 24

Clashes stopped in Ataq area after the defeat of elite attacks and their expulsion from positions and camps

Hani Bin Buraik says in the morning that they stopped the clashes in Shabwa out of respect for the Saudi-led coalition and in compliance with the truce

Continued mobilization in Shabwa from the STC and government and renewed clashes in the evening

Government forces take control of the "Murrah" camp after the withdrawal of the Elite Forces, secures the points between the Al-Abr and the city of Ataq

Government forces take control of the martyrs camp, the headquarters of the 4th Elite Brigade west of Ataq

Anwar Gergash says UAE participation in the alliance came at the request of the King of Saudi Arabia and that its exit would likewise be decided by Saudi Arabia 


August 25

Commander of 115th Infantry Brigade in Lawdar refuses to hand the brigade over to STC

Many killed and wounded in an attack on al-Jalfuz and Tabbat Al-Ersal east of the city of Ataq

Shabwa governor announces the overthrow of the UAE-backed Transitional coup in Ataq and talks about the imposition of war by them 

The Prime Minister and a number of ministers arrive late Sunday evening to Ataq

The Houthis announce the execution of the largest missile bombing of Jazan with ten missiles, confirming that they hit their targets


August 26

Arab coalition confirms 6 missiles fired by Houthis towards Jazan 

Statement of the Defense Secretary and the Chief of Staff confirms full control of Ataq and accuses the UAE of increasing support for the rebels

Two civilians and a security belt official killed in two separate attacks carried out by unknown assailants in Aden

The 1st Brigade, stationed in the Balhaf facility, declared its allegiance to the legitimacy, and the 3rd Brigade declared its allegiance to the legitimacy.

Government forces stationed at the headquarters of the first brigade elite and the forces of the latter leave to secure the line of Ataq and Habbab under the guidance of the army

After the siege of the headquarters of the 7th Brigade elite in "Markha" the withdrawal of its forces after the delivery of armored and heavy weapons by tribal mediation

Arab Coalition spokesman announces formation of joint committee to establish ceasefire in Shabwa and Abyan

Joint statement on behalf of Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry and UAE rejects Yemeni government's accusations of Abu Dhabi and the distortion of its positions

The STC welcomes the statement of Saudi Arabia and the UAE and affirms in its statement that legitimacy is an umbrella for terrorism and that STC is representative of the South 

Troops from the 115th Brigade in Lawdar arrive in the town of Shaqra and are stationed in the Orqoob Mountains east of Zanzibar 

Prime Minister chairs two meetings of local authority and security committee in Shabwa province 

Commander of the Central Region of the Security Belt in Abyan, Brigadier Ali Al-Mahwari, announces joining the government forces

Houthis announce attack on Riyadh with a number of drones and the coalition announces the interception of an aircraft in the sky of Al-Jawf

Al-Maqdashi directs all units in Aden, Abyan and Shabwa to cease fire and calm in response to coalition call


August 27

Air raid by an aircraft believed to be American targeting two vehicles carrying gunmen believed to be a base in the town of Al-Quz east of Moodia, Abyan

Army forces coming from Balhaf arrive in the city of Ahwar in conjunction with the withdrawal of the security belt and other forces advancing to Shaqra

Coalition announces the interception of a Houthi drone and its downing in Yemeni airspace

Clashes between gunmen and security belt forces in Dar Saad district leave dead and cause streets to be closed

Clashes between units of the 115th Brigade infantry and the security belt near the electricity triangle at the entrance of the city of Lawdar 

Troops from the 115th Infantry Brigade and the 5th Infantry Brigade withdraw from Shaqra to Al-Orqoob mountains and the STC takes control 

Security Belt Forces seek to advance toward Ahwar and Lawdar, and mobilize large forces and reinforcements from Shabwa to Legitimacy towards Abyan

U.S. newspapers say Washington plans direct dialogue with Houthis to end war in Yemen 

Nizar Haitham announces STC victory in Shaqra and defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood and government and accuses them of violating the lull

Coalition: The Houthis fired a missile from Amran towards Saudi Arabia but landed in Yemeni territory in Sa’ada

Saudi Cabinet renews Saudi Arabia's call for Yemeni parties to participate in Jeddah dialogue 

UN envoy delivers President Hadi an oral message from UN Secretary-General and Al-Barakani meets Griffiths

Aidarous Al-Zubaidi appears in a televised speech from Abu Dhabi saying that the Council bears full responsibility for the defeat of Shabwa

Al-Zubeidi pledges to rebuild the Shabwa Elite Forces and says we will not accuse internal or external actors of having failed us as the government does.

The Security Belt deploys hundreds of vehicles and soldiers in Zinjibar in anticipation of the advancing national army 


August 28

Fighting on the outskirts of Shaqra town between STC and government forces amid heavy air flight believed to be Saudi

The arrival of reinforcements of the government coming from Ataq containing weapons and equipment were in the possession of the Shabwani Elite

National Army forces enter the coastal town of Shaqra and control it without fighting

Army forces continue their advance towards the coastal town center and the road leading to Zinjibar, and Abyan center

Government forces take control of Abyan's capital Zinjibar and continue to advance towards Aden 

A booby-trapped drone plane was shot down in the air before targeting a gathering of soldiers, army commanders and civilians in Hayran Market

Prime Minister arrives in Marib and chairs a meeting and says: Marib fort of the Republic and Shabwa leads the project of the federal state

Clashes inside the center of Khormaksar, Al-Arish neighborhood, near the airport and reports of resistance control over the areas of Aden

Army forces coming from Abyan and Shabwa have not yet entered Aden and limited units have advanced towards the Corniche line 

UAE Media: Legitimacy violates truce and STC confirms its commitment to the statement of the UAE and Saudi Arabia 

STC gives government forces until Wednesday evening to withdraw from Aden and its surroundings 

STCAden Security Department spokesman denies government control of Aden airport and publishes photos of STC forces in its surroundings 

Al-Zubaidi calls for stability and resilience in the face of invasion and terrorism

Ministers, government officials confirm return of the government to Aden 

Bin Buraik: Aden is fine we committed to the coalition and the Muslim Brotherhood did not commit, our troops on the fronts flowing for the battle of dignity 

Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman arrives in Washington and meets with U.S. officials headed by Pompeo

UAE media: Coalition air force launches three raids on empty areas near the clashes at the entrance to Aden 

UAE media: Legitimacy sends reinforcements after being withdrawn from Houthi battle fronts

UAE media: STC forces storm and control President Hadi's home in Aden 

Coalition operatives launch shelling on army forces in Aden and Abyan


August 29

STC forces deployed in all the directorates of Aden and control the al-Alam point Thursday morning

Yemeni Foreign Ministry: Armed forces were targeted by UAE aircraft in Aden and Zanzibar resulted in deaths 

UAE media: There is no truth to what is being circulated about the exposure of government forces to an air strike, those are allegations of coverage of the failure of their attack on Aden

Al-Zubeidi arrives in Aden from UAE 

Spokesman for Joint Operations on the West Coast: sending of two battalions to monitor the situation in Aden and Abyan

UAE media: STC forces control major directorates of Abyan’s Ja’ar coming from Lahj and advancing towards Zinjibar

President of the National Association for the Southern Transition calls for ambushes and liquidation of deserters towards Shabwa and incites tribes to cut off roads and killing them.

IED planted by al-Qaeda have killed army soldiers in Al-Mahfad after it exploded in two vehicles 

UN Security Council expresses concern over attempts to seize state institutions in Southern Yemen

Heavy flight of Arab Coalition aircraft on army positions and movements in Abyan and Shabwa 

Emirati media: Giants brigades say they are involved in the prosecution of what they described as "remnants of the Muslim Brotherhood" in Zinjibar

Al-Zubeidi announces amnesty for the ‘deceived’, confirms the failure of a terrorist plan to take control of Aden and talks about continuing its prosecutions

The Ministry of Defense and the Yemeni Chief of Staff say raids on government forces in Aden and Abyan left 300 martyred soldiers and civilians

Ministry and Defense Department statement confirms UAE planes continue to fly and calls on president and Saudi Arabia to intervene

UAE Foreign Ministry acknowledges raids on Aden and Abyan, says it targeted terrorist groups, not government forces

UAE reports two coalition members injured at Aden airport and intervened to protect coalition from terrorists

Yemeni Foreign Ministry formally requests Security Council to hold emergency session on UAE's blatant attacks on government forces


August 30

President Hadi accuses UAE of exploiting current conditions to support STC militias against legitimate state institutions

The president confirms his directive to withdraw the army to preserve the lives of citizens and calls on the King of Saudi Arabia to stop the blatant intervention that targeted the army

Several reports of housebreaking, killing of leaders and soldiers, liquidation of prisoners, abductions and violations in Aden

Memorandum signed by 23 ministers calls on president to end UAE participation in Arab alliance and classify STC as impediment to peace efforts

Protest in Taiz calls for expulsion of UAE as ‘occupation’ forces

Gargash: UAE statement against terrorism and the protection of the coalition forces, The Saudi initiative is the way out of the crisis in the dialogue between the STC and the government for those who lost the compass 

Yemeni delegate calls on Security Council to hold emergency session and intervene to stop UAE attacks

Transitional media and UAE talks about terrorist operations in Sheikh Osman and Dar Saad targeting the leaders and soldiers of the Security Belt Forces

Nizar Haitham accuses the government of being behind the terrorist attacks while ISIS has claimed responsibility online for them 

Al-Zubeidi issues a circular not to break into or raid any house or any property belonging to citizens and the government

Ministry of Human Rights accuses STC of killing and injuring 300 civilians, including women and children, carrying out field executions and major violations

The National Army retreated beyond Shaqra with sporadic clashes in several areas 


August 31

Statement of the General Secretariat of Socialism ignores the targeting of UAE airstrikes and calls for legitimacy to stay away from extremist responses

Government at Riyadh meeting approves measures to confront Abu Dhabi: UAE's justifications are false and we refuse to label the army with terrorism 

Transitional forces storm a hotel and arrest Yasser al-Amoudi, director of Rasd directorate, and break into the house of Suleiman al-Zamki in Khor Maksar

Widespread arrests, raids on homes of citizens and officials and looting of the homes of sons of Abyan and Shabwa in Aden hours after the amnesty statement by Al-Zubaidi

Euro-Mediterranean Observatory: Shocking reprisals and security council must intervene to protect civilians in southern Yemen

Videos document executions and other horrific crimes committed by the STC and local affiliates in Aden

Statement on behalf of the Shura Council supports the presidential statement and calls on Saudi Arabia to stop the UAE's tampering

Jeddah meeting brings Together Sheikh Abdullah Afrar with Prince Khalid bin Salman due to the leadership of the latter of the protests against Saudi Arabia in Al-Mahra


September 1 

Coalition airstrikes target community college in Dhamar, killing those imprisoned and abducted by the Houthis

The coalition says it destroyed aircraft depots and hostile defensive missiles, and the Houthis says that they killed their mercenaries and that the prison is known.

UAE Media: Units of Giants Brigades and 3rd Brigade support and infantry brigades stationed in the West coast arrive Aden with heavy equipment

Gargash: The alliance is solid and it is important that the government and the STC accept the kingdom's initiative and we will address the return of terrorists

Houthi spokesman ignores mentioning UAE and accuses U.S.-Saudi aggression of committing a horrific massacre

ICRC president in Yemen: at least 100 killed in raids on Houthi detention

Ataq Axis Command confirms the arrival of numbering committees from the Ministry of Defense to include elite fighters in the national army

Unidentified gunmen assassinate the imam of Al-Benaa mosque, Abdulbari Thabet, after hours of a lecture criticizing the seditionists


September 2 

The Governor of the Central Bank rejects President Hadi's directives to spend the support allocated to Shabwa province and Mu’ayad denies this

The alliance of parties stumbles to adopt a unified position, with 10 parties declaring their support for the government's actions against UAE aggression

Houthi authorities in Sanaa decide to integrate political and national security into an apparatus called the Security and Intelligence Service

Government delegation arrives in Jeddah to discuss with Saudi leaders on south Yemen

Government forces repel attack by pro-UAE militias on Azzan, and capture many of attackers

Amnesty International, other organizations and the Red Cross call for an independent investigation into the targeting of Dhamar Community College

Ras Houira point on Hadhramaut coast prevents citizens of northern provinces from entering Mukalla


September 3

Yemenis protest against UAE's targeting of national army

Al-Maliki: There has been an air target in Aden and Abyan and the coalition leadership is working with the Yemeni Ministry of Defense to get more information on this aspect 

Reuters: UN investigators draw up secret list of war crimes suspects in Yemen

UAE media: Al-Qaeda suspect killed in front of his home by unknown gunfire and sources talk about planned killing

Yemeni government confirms continued to take all measures to end UAE-supported armed rebellion in Aden

A government force led by Brig. Gen. Abdullah al-Subaihi, commander of the 39th Brigade, arrives in the coastal town of Shaqra, east of Abyan

STC delegation arrives in Jeddah from Abu Dhabi weeks after departure 


September 4 

UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs: We look forward with confidence and optimism to the success of the Jeddah meeting between the government of Yemen and the Transitional Council 

Reuters: Indirect talks between Transitional and Yemeni government in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

International pressure delays Security Council response to Yemen's complaint over UAE abuses

Iran's army chief of staff confirms that the Houthis are making their own planes thanks to the support and science of the Islamic Revolution


September 5

U.S. official says Riyadh talks with Houthis to find acceptable solution for Saudi Arabia on Yemen

Coalition announces the interception and downing of a Houthi drone plane in Khamis Mushait

Al-Hadrami to The Ambassador of France: It is unacceptable that the UAE should label terrorism to our forces to justify their targeting

Transitional mobilizes his supporters in Mukalla, Aden and Socotra to praise the Emirates 

U.S. Blesses Yemen's International Coalition Against ISIS 

Statement of Saudi Arabia confirms that there is no alternative to the legitimate government and does not accept any attempts to find a new reality by force and threat

The kingdom's first statement since the army was targeted by air: any destabilization of Yemen is a threat and destabilization to Saudi Arabia

Yemeni government welcomes Saudi statement, appreciates efforts to correct the course and ensure that it does not deviate from coalition objectives

Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti denies to Iranian site the existence of any negotiations between the Houthis and the United States to end the war

Media close to Qatar: Saudi Arabia pushes for a settlement between the government and the STC

UN envoy confirms support for Jeddah talks, calls on transitional government to take the opportunity and resolve dispute peacefully

The Transitional delegation member to Jeddah consultation Abdulrahman Skiekh: We have not met Hadi and confirmed that the president is "very understanding",


September 6 

UAE media talks about the need to restructure legitimacy and free it from the control of the Muslim Brotherhood

Taiz Protesters demand the expulsion of the UAE after Friday prayers and chant against the coalition and the return of the president

Anti-STC tribes set up checkpoints between Zinjibar and Shaqra after government forces finally stationing

Houthis announce targeting Najran airport with Badr 1 missile, coalition confirms its interception and destruction

Al Jaber: Saudi Arabia recognizes the difficulties faced by the parties to a serious dialogue and appreciates the keenness to dialogue and avoid bloodshed

Reuters says Saudi Arabia's statement came after Jeddah talks stalled, deadlocked and troop surges

UAE media find slain Officer of Hadhrami elite killed in Sieyun, Al-Bahasani vows to hold murderers accountable

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State confirms talks with Houthis, calls for STC to engage with Saudi mediation 


September 7

Transitional leaders ignore Saudi statement, downplay its importance, threaten to escalate and impose separation by force of UAE arms 

UAE media clashes between STC forces and members of the Transport Brigade and there is no validity to break into the house of Brigadier Al-Bakri

The first military zone announces the arrest of the killer of an officer of the Hadhrami elite in cooperation and coordination with the second military zone and the security of Hadhramaut valley

Mukalla Security force arrests, President of the Supreme Council for the Liberation and Independence of the South's Fouad Rashid and other leaders

Arab coalition announces the downing of a "drone" inside Yemeni airspace before it arrives in Saudi Arabia


September 8 

Joint statement of Saudi Arabia and UAE welcomes the government and STC response to the kingdom's call for dialogue and stresses on the ceasefire 

Griffiths meets Al-Jubair in Jeddah and discusses the Yemeni crisis

STC welcomes joint statement by Saudi Arabia and UAE, and reaffirms commitment


September 9 

Gargash joint messages from Saudi Arabia and UAE on Yemen, confirmation of strategic partnership 

Shabwa: Army deployed to secure roads leading to Hadhramaut and Marib

The Guardian (UK): Saudi-Emirati statement an attempt to cover up differences and may not have an impact on southern Yemen

UAE media clashes in Al-Mahafad after ambush targeting reinforcements coming from Shabwa to Abyan 

Security forces led by Shallal Shaye’a raid the home of an official of the Ministry of Interior and arrest him at gunpoint


September 10 

Al-Hadhrami at the Arab League says  the first option is peace and demands a serious stop towards the deviation of the UAE and its support for the rebellion in Aden

After a visit to Saudi Arabia, he did not meet with the Yemeni government. Griffiths says he met a Houthi leader in Muscat

Minister of Transport says UAE has begun operating flights to and from Al Rayyan Airport in Mukalla without coordination with the government

Saudi Cabinet Welcomes Yemeni Government's Compliance with Jeddah Dialogue

Ministry of Information condemns the storming of armed men led by a pro-Transition undersecretary of the ministry to its headquarters in the interim capital Aden


September 11 

Injured in clashes between local residents in Shikh Osman with gunmen from Dar Saad

Shabwa governor confirms continued UAE control of the gas facility in Balhaf and hindered them for export


September 12 

Al-Barakani refused to condemn the army's targeting. Jubbari attacks president and Saudi Arabia and holds them responsible for UAE tampering 

Tension in Abyan after government and transitional reinforcements in Shaqra and Zanzibar 

Al-Yadoumi in a speech establishing the reform condemns the UAE's aggression and renews confidence in Saudi Arabia and says that the rebellion of Aden has occupied us from the existential battle


September 13 

Soldier injured and three arrested after intercepting military reinforcements in Haban Shabwa 

Local leader injured in STC attack on checkpoint in Al-Mahfad

UAE announces the killing of 6 of its soldiers "in an unknown place", and speculation that they were killed in Yemen or Libya


September 14

Saudi Interior Ministry: Fires as a result of drone attacks at two Aramco positions in Saudi Arabia

The Houthis claim the attack on two Aramco sites and say it's a balancing act carried out by 10 drones.

Abyan. Army launches anti-aircraft attack on "Emirati" fighter flying in the sky of Shaqra

Griffiths expresses concern over Houthi attack on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia

Coalition says investigations are underway to determine the circumstances of the attack on a Saudi oil facility

U.S. Secretary of state Pompeo accuses Iran of carrying out attacks on Saudi oil facilities

UAE announces the arrival of the bodies of its six dead soldiers and continues to keep a low profile on the whereabouts of those killed

Saudi Oil Minister announces halt of oil and gas production at two facilities and confirms that the attack targeted global energy supplies

Foreign Ministry spokesman: Iran rejects U.S. accusation in Houthi attack against Saudi Aramco facilities

Reuters: UAE Foreign Ministry says it awaits announcement of results of Saudi Aramco attacks


September 15 

Statement by Al-Maisari, Al-Jabwani and Jubbari talks about plots targeting the Republic and calls for an end to interference in the Yemeni decision

Soldier killed in gunmen targeting ambulance coming from Orqoob in Shabwa

UN Secretary-General condemns Houthi attack on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed bin Zayed in a call with bin Salman condemns attack on Aramco's facilities and confirms UAE's stand side with Saudi Arabia

ABC News Iran used cruise missiles and drone aircraft in attack on Aramco


September 16 

Griffith Security Council attacks on Aramco could blow up the region and there's a development in the south

Shabwah. Announcement of the arrest of one of the supervisors of the operations targeting the army forces

Yemen's representative to the Security Council: The UAE-backed insurgency needs a serious halt and we refuse to arm any formations outside the institutions


September 17 

Saudi Newspaper Okaz warns: Transitional seeks to blow up the situation in Hadhramaut 

Amid reports of pressure to dissuade him from traveling to New York, Hadi will not participate in UN meetings.


September 18 

In anticipation of a fight. Dozens of families displaced from the town of "Sheikh Salem" east of Zinjibar

Minister Al-Jabwani: We have evidence of the UAE's relationship with al-Qaeda and ISIS


September 19

President appoints Al-Hadhrami as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bin Buraik for Finance, and Al-Fadhli as Governor of the Central Bank to succeed Mu’yad


September 20 

Minister of Defense directs military units to stop dealing with the commander of the 4th Military Region based in Aden

Coalition commander killed in Hadhramaut Valley, Saudi and Yemenis killed in two terrorist attacks in Shebam

Mehdi Al-Mashat announces peace initiative under which the Houthis stop their attacks on Saudi territory.


September 21 

The Governor of Hadhramaut announces the suspension of oil exports from the port of Dhabba until the implementation of demands he said that the government did not respond to it

Gunmen believed to be belonging to the STC looted a cash exchange in Aden in broad daylight and at gunpoint 

UN welcomes and Saudi Arabia to monitor Houthis' commitment to peace initiative


September 22 

UAE-backed forces raid the house of the head of operations of the 115th Infantry Brigade east of Aden and loot its contents

UAE Media: Al-Mayseri, Al- Jabwani and Jubbari arrive in Muscat at the official invitation of The Sultanate 

Protesters in Austria call for UAE leaders to be prosecuted for crimes and attempts to divide Yemen


September 23 

Armed groups from STC raid the house of the historic leader of the Southern Movement, Major General Nasser al-Nuba, in Aden, and looted its contents 

Al-Hadrami discusses with UN Secretary-General the implications of the UAE's support for an armed rebellion in southern Yemen and its bombing of the army


September 24 

The government describes the Houthi initiative as a bubble and the EU considers it an important development and Griffiths discusses it with Bin Salman


September 26 

Al-Jabwani says the government will return to Ataq to manage the liberated areas

Al-Hadrami discusses with U.S. official UAE support to insurgency in southern Yemen and bombing the Yemeni army


September 28 

Eight-nation declaration urges implementation of Stockholm agreement and calls for success of Saudi-sponsored dialogue in order to preserve Yemen's unity


September 29 

Foreign Minister to the United Nations: UAE departed from coalition objectives, bombed the army and supported rebel militias

The UAE representative responds to the Foreign Minister, we support legitimacy and our planes have targeted terrorist groups, not the army.


September 30 

UAE media questions names of victims of alleged UAE bombing of Yemeni government forces


October 1 

Griffiths arrives in Sana'a


October 2 

Al-Jubair announces 6 Saudi demands from Iran and excludes dialogue with it on Yemen


October 3 

Members of the Security Belt arrest businessman in Aden and loot his house

Hadi appoints new director general of Socotra police as governor returns from abroad


October 4 

Armed groups affiliated with the STC storm security headquarters in Socotra and seek to impose their control on the island by force.


October 5 

Saudi mediation to convince the director of security article and pro-Emirates to hand over a security headquarters in Socotra

UAE media: Giants Brigades send reinforcements from west coast military to Aden


October 6 

Gargash calls on the government and the STC to deal flexibly and wisely in the Jeddah negotiations

Prime Minister confirms support for local authority's actions in Socotra and its measures to maintain security and stability

UAE forces hand over their headquarters in Al-Khokha to Tarek Saleh forces


October 7 

Sudanese troops leave Al-Anad base and arrive in Al-Zeit port in preparation for departure from Yemen and units of the Giants arrive in Aden

Yemen's ambassador to France says transitional government is close to reaching agreement to end Aden conflict

Red Cross protest in Aden to demand life rescue for forcibly disappeared prisoners in Transitional prisons

The Saudi mediation committee has not been resolved. UAE moves demonstrations against Socotra governor

Al-Jabwani: UAE strengthens forces in southern areas and does not withdraw


October 8 

Reuters: Yemeni government and STC approach an agreement to end Aden rebellion

Military source: Emirati forces preparing to leave Aden and Sudanese troops left the city yesterday evening

Foreign Minister stresses commitment not to escalate to the success of Jeddah dialogue and says raising tensions in Socotra serves no one

Gargash: UAE exercises restraint towards Yemeni government officials’ stances 


October 9 

Emirati newspaper accuses Oman of supporting armed formations in Yemen "to confuse the coalition after its alleged role as a mediator"

In an accident, it's the second in 24 hours. Unidentified gunmen kill merchant and loot his goods north of Aden

Foreign Minister: We stick to the constants in "Jeddah" and insist on the return of institutions and the integration of formations in defense and interior


October 10

Ministry of Defense reveals names and details of the victims of UAE air strikes of government forces in Aden and Abyan

UAE ship leaves Aden oil “Al-Ziet” port loaded with military equipment and soldiers

Hadhramaut governor arrives in Saudi Arabia from UAE


October 11 

Military force arrives in Moodia, Abyan, on its way to reinforce government forces in Shaqra


October 12 

Al-Jazeera publishes draft of Jeddah agreement submitted by Saudi Arabia

Military source: Pushing forces from the presidential protection towards Shaqra to return to Aden according to a Saudi-Emirati-Yemeni agreement


October 13 

President quickly directs the opening of Al-Rayyan airport and the governor of Hadramaut confirms adherence to the option of Federal Yemen

Two days after he disappeared, corpse of senior security officer found in Aden


October 14

Two soldiers injured in attack by STC gunmen in the western city of Nessab in Shabwa

Sudanese Chief of Staff: We will Stay in Yemen to support legitimate government and ready to train Yemeni army

Saudi commander reportedly takes over security supervision in Aden and its environs

Two Emirati nationals who tried to enter Socotra without a visa were detained


October 15

A number of government ministers arrive at Seiyun airport

Saudi military units stationed at Aden airport and oil port after UAE troops leave

UAE Media: Southern Transitional Council delegation leaves for Riyadh to sign "Jeddah Agreement"


October 16

The Middle East publishes the contents of the terms of the agreement and says that its signing in Riyadh includes a joint government of 24 ministers and integration of armed formations in the army and security 

Safer begins crude oil export process after five-year hiatus

In Taiz, UAE withdraws military equipment from 35th Armored Brigade and Abu Al-Abbas Brigades

Saudi and Sudanese military units arrive in Aden and stationed at coalition headquarters

Yemeni government spokesman: No date for signing the "draft of Jeddah agreement" and what is leaked is not true


October 17 

Source: No signing of an agreement between the government and the transitional today and Saudi efforts to bring the views closer

STC spokesman: "Serious dialogue" continues and council leaders in Saudi Arabia

Griffiths to the Security Council: The Yemeni government should return with full authority to Aden and we had hoped to announce the agreement today

Yemeni delegate assures Security Council of government's commitment to Sweden agreement, demands control of oil derivatives revenues at Hodeidah central Bank branch

October 18

Gunman killed, and injury of the son of pro-STC military commander in armed attack in the center of Zinjibar


October 19

The forces of the first military region of Hadramaut receive the camps and points of the alliance in Thamad and Remah from the UAE forces

Interior and transport ministers arrive in the city of Seiyun

Historical Al-Mahrah declaration: The birth of the Southern National Rescue Council with a unitary orientation; Ba'oum disowns the declaration


October 20

Saudi officers meet with commanders in the 4th Military Zone and the Security Belt west of Aden

Shabwa governor discusses in Egypt with investment companies to resume oil exports in a number of sectors in the province

American weapons are in the wrong hands. CNN investigation reveals access of weapons to Houthi militia, separatists and al-Qaeda in Yemen

The Transitional Presidency maintains the administration of the south and rejects Muslim Brotherhood's attempts to disturb security and stability in the southern provinces


October 21

UAE Red Crescent begins action to stop its activities in southern Yemen provinces as UAE forces withdraw

Wounded in clashes between army forces and security belt in Moodia, southeast of Abyan

Security Belt Forces take control of Moodia after clashes with government forces left 6 wounded, including a leader


October 22

UAE withdraws troops from coalition headquarters in Aden


October 23

Two batches of Saudi soldiers arrive at Aden International Airport

Hadhramaut. The southern transitional in Mukalla says his headquarters was attacked by gunmen

Against the background of curriculum modification, Ministry of Education accuses STC of poisoning Yemeni students’ minds

Hadi appoints Bin Dagher as his adviser a year after he was dismissed and referred for investigation


October 24

UAE completes shipment of items extracted from Al Heswah power plant in Aden in preparation for return to Abu Dhabi

Al-Jubair: Agreement is imminent between the government and the "southern transitional" in Yemen

At a vigil in front of the coalition headquarters in Aden, "Mothers of abductees" demand Saudi forces to disclose the fate of the disappeared


October 25

Multiple sources confirm that an agreement has been reached between the Yemeni government and STC 

Griffiths discusses with 'Khalid bin Salman' the political process in Yemen and the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement

STC statement: Riyadh Agreement is a strategic step on the path to liberation and independence goals


October 26

Minister of Information: Officially signing of Riyadh agreement within the next two days

Gergash comments on Riyadh agreement: Yemen is on the verge of a new phase

Al-Maysari: The battle of Shabwa was not taken into account and the UAE project fell and talks about rejecting the agreement

Hani Bin Buraik: Riyadh agreement is the "collar of salvation" and our chance to unite in the face of "greater evil"

New batch of UAE troops in Aden prepares to leave oil port

Al-Islah leader: We are with any peace plan that gives the state the right to exercise its functions and undiminished powers


October 27

Coalition officially announces Saudi forces taking over operations in Aden 

UAE troops include vehicles and soldiers leaving Al-Ziet port west of Aden

UAE forces officially hands over west coast supervision tasks to Saudi forces command 

Gergash: Saudi Arabia's leadership of coalition forces in Aden “a positive development in favor of stability"

Yemeni presidency: Saudi Arabia has sided with Yemen's unity through the Riyadh Agreement and our absolute confidence in its efforts to implement

UAE Media: Riyadh agreement on Yemen shows the nature of Saudi-UAE relations


October 28

Riyadh agreement bonus: Saudi promises $2 billion in new cash deposit to Yemen


October 29

Presidential Protection Force arrives in Ataq, Shabwa on its way to Abyan 

Sources: Riyadh agreement signing between the Yemeni government and the Transitional Council on Thursday

Saudi Arabia's first force arrives in Aden via Al-Ziet Port

Socotra authorities uphold decision to ban Emiratis from entering except with a visa


October 30

UAE delivers “Zaqar” archipelago to Tarek Saleh’s coastal guard forces and supplies it with modern naval equipment 

Signs of an armed rebellion supported by the UAE in Socotra, as gunmen deploy in the streets of Hadibo and attack the provincial office

Socotra governor directs army to end armed demonstrations and gives transitional leaders hours to raise their sit-in in the vicinity of the headquarters of the province.

UAE General Command statement: Our forces return from Aden after handing them over to Saudi forces and we will continue to fight terrorism in Yemen.


October 31 

Saudi private plane carrying Hadhrami officials to attend Riyadh agreement

Government forces deployed in Ahwar, Abyan, after clashes with the security belt left 7 injured

UAE media: Government forces attack security belt forces in Abyan

Hani Ben Buraik, STC vice president: What happened in Abyan aims to block the Riyadh agreement

Local sources: Abyan's governor returned to Zinjibar and assumed his duties

The deadline granted by the Governor of Socotra for the STC and the commander of the Saudi duty forces expires 

Socotra police chief: Ready to end armed demonstrations when the governor's directives are issued

Minister of Information denies the government's refusal to sign the Riyadh agreement and says: What is going on is protocol arrangements


November 1

Army forces withdraw from Ahwar and the government's "Special Security" takes over the tasks of securing the city

Minister of Information and Ambassador of Saudi Arabia: the agreement will be signed next Tuesday (November 5th) in the presence of political and party leaders


November 2

Sudanese army denies withdrawing troops from Yemen 

UAE supports pro-STC demonstrators with containers, army and security deployed in the streets of Socotra’s Hadibo

Socotra witnessed a security deployment and calls to demonstrate in support of Mahrous


November 3 

Socotra demonstration in support of the local authority and legitimacy calls for an end to the UAE's tampering and an end to armed demonstrations 

STC mobilizes women's demonstration in front of local authority headquarters in Socotra 

Transitional Council meeting in Aden demands speedy signing of Riyadh agreement, accuses government of obstructing it, calls on Saudi Arabia to be firm

From Marib, Al-Maisiri states: We are with any correct relationship and we support the steps that Saudi Arabia is arranging for peace

Gunmen injured in clashes with Security Belt in Aden 

Clashes between Security Belt Forces and Central Bank of Yemen guards in Aden results in the 5 people being injured, including a child


November 5:

Reconciliation agreement signed in Riyadh  



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