In a letter to the president Hadhramout leaders demand 50% of the South's share of government

Hadhramout leaders demand 50% of the South's share of government

Hadramout’s political and tribal leaders demanded 50 percent of the south's share of the central government, as recognized in the National Dialogue Outcomes of 2013-2014, according to a letter obtained by Almasdar online which was delivered by representatives of Hadramout’s political and tribal leaders to the office of the President of the Republic in Riyadh on Sunday.  

The letter highlighted that Hadhrami leaders have so far not been included in any political agreement, and that any group claiming to represent Hadramout without considering Hadramis opinions or inputs does not represent them at all. 

The letter reiterated the Hadrami demand for the establishment of an independent Hadhramaut region with full autonomy as a prerequisite for their adherence to the (Hadi) government’s legitimacy and the non-use of political violence in state matters.  

A broad meeting of political and tribal leaders was held in Riyadh on Sunday to discuss Hadramout’s future, coinciding with the imminent signing of the Riyadh agreement.

The meeting was attended by political figures of the government, as well as political, tribal and community leaders from across the Hadramout region, all of which confirmed their support for the regulatory independence of the Hadramout region. confirmed adherence to Hadhramaut province as an Independent matter with its authorities.

The meeting was attended by President Hadi’s advisors including 

  • Haidar Abu Bakr al-Attas 

  • Dr. Ahmed Obaid bin Dhagher 

  • Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Engineer Mohsen Ali Basurrah

  • Minister of Higher Education Dr. Hassan Basalama 

  • Minister of Communications Engineer Lotfi Basherif and 

  • Advisor to Prime Minister Dr. Miteb Mubarak Bazziad

The meeting was also attended by

  • Goovernor of Hadhramout Major General Faraj Salemin al-Bahsani

  • Commander of the second military region and deputy governor Sheikh Amr bin Habrish al-Ali 

  • President of the Hadramout gathering Conference and undersecretary of the valley and desert Issam bin Habrish al-Kathiri

  • Assistant undersecretary Sheikh Mohammed bin Jarboua Al-Sayari

  • President of Hadhramaut Reference Alliance Sheikh Abdullah Saleh al-Kathiri

  • Member of the Shura Council and members of the Hadramout Tribal Reference (an independent tribal body) Hakam bin Nahid, Sheikh Awad bin Munif al-Jabri, Sheikh Abdullah Salem bin Ali Jaber and Sheikh Anwar al-Tamimi. 

Additional attendees include:

  • Fuad Rashid, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Southern Revolutionary Movement 

  • Secretary General of the Hadramout Conference, Tarek Al-Akbari, 

  • Member of the Local Council in the Province Abdullah Bawazir, 

  • Almonsib Said bin Abdullah Bawazir, 

  • Sheikh Salem bin Shahbal, 

  • Sheikh Salem bin Badr Mohammed Al-Nahdi, 

  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Dhaba’an al-Tamimi 

  • Lt. Col. Abdullah Suleiman Mohammed Karziz al-Halaki 

  • Sheikh Salman bin Shahbal

  • Lt. Col. Salem bin Omar Baqadeem

  • Sheikh Naji bin Nasser al-Nahdi 

and other important Hadhrami figures.


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