Maj. Gen. Sultan Al-Arada said army-backed tribal fighters ejected Houthis from strategic positions in the Haylan mountain range

Marib governor celebrates battle victories, urges anti-Houthi unity in televised speech

The Yemeni army and tribal forces ejected Houthi fighters from strategic positions in the Haylan mountain range on the western fringe of Marib governorate on Wednesday, according to Marib Gov. Maj. Gen. Sultan Al-Arada.

Al-Arada announced the military advances along the Serwah and Nihm battlefronts during a televised speech at the state-run radio station in Marib city.

"Marib, which broke Houthis at the height of their power years ago, is now, together with the good citizens of Yemen, and with the support of the (Saudi-led) coalition, burying these militias and their plans," Al-Arada said.

Arrangements are underway to restore government control in Al-Jawf, Al-Arada said, adding that the Houthi incursions have made the anti-Houthi front more unified than ever. 

Brig. Gen. Tareq Saleh, the nephew of former President Ali Abdulah Saleh and a prominent anti-Houthi commander of the Republican Guards on Yemen’s Red Sea coast, celebrated the victory in Marib. "Haylan is back with the republic," he said on Twitter.

The Houthis have launched a series of large-scale attacks in and around Marib over the past week, making some progress on its northern border with Al-Jawf governorate. The battles have claimed the lives of hundreds of fighters on both sides. 

Both the Houthis and the internationally recognized government signalled a willingness to heed calls by UN Secretary-General António Gutteres for a ceasefire to focus on fighting coronavirus, but the ongoing clashes pose a major challenge to the chances of that happening. 

During his visit to the radio station, Al-Arada inaugurated a new staff lounge built by the local authority.



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