The heavy rains destroyed shelters, property and created conditions for the spread of water-borne illnesses at 60 IDP camps

Flash floods hit more than 4,600 displaced families across southern Yemen

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that more than 4,600 displaced families in seven Yemeni governorates have been affected by heavy rains in late March.

Heavy rains hit southern parts of Yemen on March 24, and 25, severely affecting Lahj, Aden, Abyan, Taiz, Al-Dhale, Al-Mahra and Hadhramout governorates, according to a report by OCHA.

Heavy rains in Aden flooded homes and roads in the Crater and Mu’alla districts, while in Hadhramout’s Soom, Al-Hajar, Mayfa’ah and Broom districts, houses, bridges, water networks and crops were destroyed and livestock drowned.

According to the report, internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps were severely affected as the rains destroyed shelters and property and led to water stagnation.

"Preliminary statistics indicate that at least 4,625 families were affected in 60 sites for internally displaced persons," the report said.

Humanitarian organizations, in cooperation with OCHA and Yemen's Executive Unit for IDPs, provided humanitarian assistance, including shelter, food and other needs.



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