Amin Jum’an, who had held senior government positions in the capital Sana’a, was targeted by two gunmen on a motorcycle Wednesday

GPC leader survives assassination attempt in Sana’a 

A prominent leader of the General People’s Congress (GPC) party, Amin Jum’an, survived an assassination attempt on a busy thoroughfare in Sana’a Wednesday. 

Two gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on Jum’an’s car as it passed through the Al-Kumaim mall area of one of Sana’a’s main streets, Hada’a, according to multiple reports.

Jum’an, who had held senior government positions in Sana's including deputy secretary-general of the local council, is recovering from three gunshot wounds in the Yemeni French Hospital in Sana’a, according to tweets by Reuters Correspondent Mohammed Ghobari, who said the politician suffered two shots to the abdomen and one in the leg. 

The GPC, Yemen’s dominant political party for nearly four decades, released a statement Wednesday calling the attempt an act of terror and placing blame on the Houthis. The party called for the UN Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths to condemn the incident and open a full investigation. 

Since the assassination of GPC founder and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in 2017, the party has struggled to reunify its divided wings. Jum’an was part of the faction that continued to work with the Houthis following Saleh’s killing.

GPC officials reported that Jum’an resigned from the government positions following Saleh’s death. However, it is unclear when the resignation occured, as it wasn't publicly announced.



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