At a vigil in front of the coalition headquarters in Aden. "Mothers of abductees" demands disclosure of the fate of the abductees

The mothers of the abductees called on the leadership of the Arab Coalition represented in Saudi Arabia to reveal the fate of dozens of abductees and forcibly disappeared in the secret prisons of the Emirates and its military formations in Aden.

This  came in a protest organized by the Association of Mothers of Abductees on Thursday in front of the Headquarters of the Arab Alliance in the interim capital Aden.

"For three years, their children have been hidden in secret and well-known prisons in Aden, their fate or their state of health are unknown," the statement said.

The statement, which shared the contents of the report, appealed to the UN And Red Cross to urgently rescue the abductees and the disappeared and to press for their fate in the changing conditions of the province.

"They will not stop demanding the freedom of their children until they are released," the statement said.

The protesters called on all officials in Aden to take responsibility for the status of abductees, detainees and those hidden from national, regional and international efforts, and to ensure their freedom and safety.

The statement blamed the military and security formations loyal to the UAE, which are now in control of Aden, "the lives and safety of all abductees, disappeared persons and detainees, and the accountability of those responsible for kidnapping, hiding and torturing them."

Hundreds of abductees and forcibly disappeared are held in secret prisons run by pro-UAE military and security formations, as well as other prisons run and supervised by Emirati officers, according to a report by the group of  experts of the Human Rights Council.

On Monday, the Mothers' Association said that 15 of the abductees and those hiding in Bir Ahmed prison had begun an open hunger strike, appealing for speedy release, especially since directives issued by the public prosecutor's office and the court had ordered the release of a number of them.

The mothers' vigil in front of the coalition headquarters follows reports that UAE forces had left the military base in Buraiqa and handed it over to Saudi forces.

A military source confirmed to "Al-Masdar Online", that the Saudi forces, which took over the headquarters of the coalition and other bases in Aden, prevented on Monday Major General Shalal Shay’a, one of the commander of southern formations loyal to the Emirates accused of kidnapping and hiding detainees, from entering the headquarters of the Arab Coalition forces In al-Buraiqa district, on the grounds that he no longer holds the official status of director of security in Aden.


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