Music composer Abdullah Al-Sahl started the #RemoteYemeniArt campaign during self-imposed quarantine following the global COVID-19 outbreak

Yemeni artists fight coronavirus through song

With Yemen’s first case of coronavirus just confirmed, Yemeni artists and musicians are using song to urge their countrymen and women to stay home.  

Eleven Yemeni artists and musicians performed a traditional song, as part of a social media campaign marked with the hashtag #فن_يمني_عن_بُعد, translating to #RemoteYemeniArt.

In recent weeks, Yemeni activists have launched several online campaigns and set up Facebook pages calling on citizens to stay at home and stay away from gatherings to prevent the spread of the virus in Yemen.  

Music composer Abdullah Al-Sahl says the idea was born during the self-imposed quarantine following the global COVID-19 outbreak.

"I have decided to offer a remote artistic activity to pass the boring time at home … until the crisis of this epidemic ends,” Al-Sahl told Almasdar Online.

"I performed the first song of the series in my studio at home [with other artists],” he said.. “The song, Hawa Al-Ghanaj, [was widely admired] and encouraged me to continue with a musical series."

Yemen’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 was identified on Friday in the Al-Sheher port town of Hadhramout governorate in eastern Yemen.




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