Abdul Malik Al-Houthi to Yemeni youth: avoid the "chaos" of social media to avoid the the fate of Lebanon and Iraq

The leader of the Houthi’s, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, warned young people against the chaos of social media on the occasion of the prophet's birthday. Al-Houthi called for young people to avoid what happened in Lebanon and Iraq. During his speech on Saturday, broadcast via the Houthi groups mass media channels, Al-Houthi accused what he called “the forces of arrogance” of harnessing all their potential to strengthen their control over the people and rely on misinformation and undermining values and morals. Referring to the protests in Lebanon and Iraq, al-Houthi said, "I call on the people of our nation to be cautious in dealing with their problems so as not to create a gap for the enemies, as is happening in Iraq and Lebanon."

He further added that "The Americans and Israelis’ joy and satisfaction of what is happening in Iraq and Lebanon reveals the nature of its position," he said.

On the war in Yemen, Al-Houthi said, "I advise the coalition of aggressors to stop the aggression and the blockade, our people will not back down in their struggle for liberation, which achieves their full independence."

The militia leader reiterated that the continuation of the war makes his group aim to develop its military capabilities and strike the harshest blows, adding that "this is a legitimate right."

He called on the Saudi regime to stop the aggression and blockade, threatening that "the risks of continuing the aggression are high and the consequences for them (the Saudi-led coalition) are big."

Thousands of people commemorated the Prophet's birth on Sunday in a number of areas under Houthi control.

The Houthis  have faced widespread criticism for the group's heavy spending on celebrations of  the prophet’s birthday, using them as an occasion to recruit citizens to fight on their frontlines.


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