President Hadi orders the state to work on Riyadh Agreement implementation immediately

On Saturday President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi directed all state agencies and institutions to immediately begin implementing the Riyadh agreement and its provisions. 

In a statement broadcast on the official news agency, Saba, the president announced that "We hope that we will implement this agreement to close a page of suffering and open a new page that deserves to be touched and experienced by all our Yemeni people to achieve their hopes and aspirations.”

The President expressed his gratitude for the efforts made by the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to make this effort a  success.

"This agreement was made so that everyone can meet and achieve the goals of our Yemeni people in security, stability and peace, end the coup of the Iranian Houthi militia and complete the construction and provision of the basic needs and services that our people aspire to," he said.

The Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council signed the Riyadh Agreement on Tuesday, following a dialogue between the two sides to end the crisis that followed the capture of the interim capital, Aden, on August 10th. 


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