Video documents Houthi fighters speaking about bombing civilian facilities in Hajjah

A recent video reveals a Houthi bombing campaign targeting  schools and water tanks in Hajjah governorate in northwestern Yemen. Members of the governments 5th military region forces found the clip inside the phone of a Houthi fighter who died during clashes on the front lines of Hajjah governorate in recent weeks. 

In the clip, a Houthi explosives expert named Abu Hussein is seen trying to detonate an explosive device remotely, as well as confessing to blowing up schools and water tanks in the area. The clip also shows the Houthi operative discussing the remote detonation of  IEDs proving the group's involvement in the bombing of civilian facilities.

During its battles with government forces, the Houthis have  booby-trapped schools, bridges and water tanks to prevent the advance of government forces, and to deprive the residents of those areas of basic services after their retreat.


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