Some of the stranded Yemenis in India have rented a garage as a communal residence

Stranded Yemenis in India ask government for repatriation: ‘We don’t have money for rent’

Yemeni citizens stranded in India have appealed to the Yemeni government to repatriate them back home. Yemen halted flights to and from the country on March 14 to counter the potential spread of coronavirus in the country. 

The decision has left thousands of Yemenis stranded around the world, many of them seeking medical care in countries like India, Egypt and elsewhere. 

"We are facing difficult circumstances and most of us have no money for rent or expenses. We came to India for treatment and had hardly enough money for a short stay,” Yemenis said in a statement sent to the government. 

Some stranded Yemenis in India rented a garage as a communal residence. 

"I traveled in mid-February for a heart operation for my daughter, and following the epidemic, our conditions are now difficult--we don’t have rent or expenses," one stranded Yemeni told Almasdar Online. 


Edited by Ahlam Mohsen and Casey Coombs



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