Aden witnesses spike in death rate, testing for COVID-19 still lacking

Over 60 deaths were recorded in Aden in a single 24-hour period between Wednesday and Thursday, the highest number of deaths recorded in the temporary capital in recent weeks, a government official in the southern city confirmed to Almasdar Online. Concern is raising that without sufficient testing kits and documentation, COVID-19 is spreading unchecked.

Major General Sanad Jamil, head of the Personal Status and Civil Registry Department in Aden, told Almasdar Online that over 60 death permits were issued by the local authority across Thursday and Friday, showing that “nearly 65 people died in the 24 hours from noon on Wednesday to noon on Thursday.”

The official said it is the largest documented rise in deaths in Aden since the COVID-19 epidemic reached Yemen, and that many of those who died were suffering from common COVID-19 symptoms.

Last week, the Ministry of Health announced that 49 people had died of epidemic diseases in Aden, but gave no further details on the type of epidemic and the causes of its spread.

It is not clear how many of these deaths are attributable in whole or in part to COVID-19, due to the lack of testing kits available to medical professionals. Doctors in Aden told Almasdar Online that multiple hospitals in Aden have been closed and those continuing to operate are also lacking personal protective equipment (PPE) and crucial medical equipment such as ventilators. 

In turn, residents in Aden have told Almasdar Online that family members were denied admission to hospital due to the suspicion they may be infected with COVID-19, and died as a result of what may have been unrelated medical reasons.

Fears over the spread of coronavirus in the city are rising, with 9 new cases of the deadly virus in Aden being reported on Friday, bringing the nationwide total to 35.



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