Stranded Yemenis return via Al-Wadea crossing, as new quarantine facility prepared in Hadhramout

Hundreds of stranded Yemenis crossed the Al-Wadea border crossing from Saudi Arabia on Saturday, as the first group of Yemeni citizens to return via the major land port since its closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A source at the border crossing told Almasdar Online that 400 people were included in the initial group of returnees, who had been stranded in the Saudi governorate of Sharoura for more than a month due to the closure of the border crossing in early April.

Only stranded individuals are being allowed to return, according to the border agent, who said Al-Wadea land port remains closed to regular traffic. The government has arranged for the returnees to spend 14 days in a quarantine facility at the Al-Wadea port.

Meanwhile, a separate quarantine center opened in Hadhramout to receive locals returning to the governorate from abroad. On Sunday morning the governor of Hadhramout, Faraj Al-Bahsani, visited the facility and a residence for doctors from the Fevers Hospital in Falak area, on the other side of Hadhramout in Mukalla city.
The quarantine center can accommodate more than 250 beds, and was sponsored by two foundations, Selah Development and Istejabah For Humanitarian Work.



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