In a statement from the Houthi-run Health Ministry, the group said that coronavirus statistics "negatively affect the psychological and immune state of societies."

Houthis give rationale for covering up COVID-19 cases

The Houthi-run Ministry of Health in Sana’a implicitly acknowledged that the group has downplayed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its areas of control on Thursday.

Such "figures and statistics negatively affect the psychological and immune state of societies,” according to a statement issued by the Health Ministry. 

“The overstatement and exaggeration of the confrontational measures adopted by many countries of the world has weakened the morale of their citizens and created a state of panic, fear and anxiety," the group added.

The statement also blamed the World Health Organization (WHO), noting that "the inaccuracy of the testing equipment and swabs sent by them, which affected the results of laboratory tests that appeared positive for non-human and [non-infected] samples."

Since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Yemen on April 10, the Houthis have reported only four out of the 287 cases logged nationwide.  

Despite the group’s acknowledgement that the outbreak is worse than officially reported, the Houthis continue to cover up cases recorded in their areas of control, in which some 70 percent of Yemen's population live. Several Houthi leaders continue to call the COVID-19 outbreak a "U.S.-made crisis" and another aspect of the "Saudi-American aggression" against Yemen.


Edited by Casey Coombs



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