The proposal by the Hadhramout Valley and Desert Tribes Alliance comes in the wake of the assassination of a local security chief

Hadhramout's second largest tribal alliance outlines vision for local-led security

The second largest tribal alliance in Yemen’s eastern Hadhramout governorate has presented a proposal to solve the security problems plaguing the area.

The move by the Hadhramout Valley and Desert Tribes Alliance comes amid deteriorating security in the northern desert region of the governorate, known as the Hadhramout valley, where a local security chief was assassinated in late May. 

In a document outlining their vision for security, the tribal alliance called for the immediate implementation of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi’s directives to recruit 3,000 Hadhrami residents to security roles within two months.

The group requested security equipment including a surveillance camera system to be installed within a month, the creation of a control center linked to the Saudi-led coalition’s Joint Operations Room and financial support. At the same time, army forces would return to their barracks based on a clear timetable, according to the proposal.

Meanwhile, in Hadhramout’s coastal region, Gov. Faraj Al-Bahsani met Wednesday evening with the Southern Transitional Council (STC) representatives in the governorate.

The meeting comes two days after security forces arrested a “gang” plotting to assassinate Bahsani, who is also the commander of Yemen’s Second Military Region. 

A source close to the governor who asked not to be named told Almasdar Online that several STC-affiliated officers and academics have been arrested and are under investigation for allegedly masterminding a coup at the Second Military Region’s headquarters in Mukalla city and plotting to install a new governor.

An adviser to the head of the largest tribal alliance in the governorate, known as the Inclusive Hadhramout Conference, told Almasdar Online that the group has severed relations with the STC following news of the assassination plot.


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