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Human Rights Observatory report catalogues 12 violations against media freedoms in September and October

12 violations against press freedoms in the past 2 months

A report issued by the Observatory for Media Freedoms revealed that 12 violations against media freedom were recorded in Yemen in September and October. According to the report, violations included two cases of injury and six arrests, two cases of threats, one case of assault, one case of imprisonment and a journalist being fined.

The report also noted the escalation of illegal practice against journalists and their detention without trial. It also noted that the Houthis are still refusing  to release several journalists who’ve been detained without trial , for as many as four years.

Journalists have also been arrested by affiliates of the government in governorates including  Shabwah and Hadhramaut. The report said that the cases of violations observed indicate that all regions of Yemen are becoming dangerous to journalists in one way or another.

It added that the map for the distribution of violations during September and October confirms that the government and its affiliates have committed a total of 8 violations.

The report called on all parties to return to constitutionally guaranteed press freedom and freedom of expression. Observatory for Media Freedoms has also, through the report, called on all those concerned with freedom of expression and media freedom inside and outside Yemen to support Yemeni journalists, and pressure all stakeholders in this direction, as well as immediately releasing the Houthi-detained journalists.


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