Medical officials on Wednesday announced the first death from dengue fever in Ibb governorate in central Yemen.  The patient died Tuesday evening in Jebla City, southwest ..

During the first two years of Yemen’s civil war, in 2015 and 2016, the salaries of state employees continued to be paid despite a significant shortage of government revenues ..

Houthi gunmen allegedly shot dead a mother and her young son in Ibb governorate in central Yemen on Thursday as the family was traveling by bus to buy a wedding dress. ..

Doctors and other medical professionals are sounding the alarm in the Houthi-controlled Ibb governorate, saying a large outbreak of coronavirus in the governorate is obvious. The ..

Houthi authorities in Ibb governorate have approved the transfer of qat markets from inside Ibb city to its suburbs, as part of precautionary steps to confront COVID-19. But ..

A report issued on Tuesday by the Houthi-controlled National Center for Health Laboratories documented four confirmed cases of coronavirus in Sana’a and Ibb governorates. ..

A Houthi-run civil court in central Yemen's Ibb governorate has annulled the marriage of a 10-year-old girl to a lawyer handling her previous marriage to a 40-year-old man..

Hayat Abdo Mohammed Awadh intervened to save her 10-year-old daughter from an arranged marriage to a 40-year-old man in central Yemen's Ibb governorate. Awadh filed a ..

Travelers from Ibb governorate in southern Yemen said the Houthi measures imposed to restrict access to areas under their control have nothing to do with the prevention of ..

A recently released Houthi captive died on Wednesday after succumbing to illnesses from torture he suffered in a secret prison in Ibb governorate in central Yemen.  Mustafa..

A Houthi soldier stormed Jihad secondary school near the border of Taiz and Ibb governorates in central Yemen on Tuesday and started firing indiscriminately, killing one student ..

Five years of civil war have devastated Yemen’s economy. More than 11 million people struggle daily to find enough food, while about 22 million people are forced to skip or ..

An unknown disease has swept through towns in Ibb governorate in southwestern Yemen, killing hundreds of livestock. The disease outbreak has mainly affected cattle in ..

Tribesmen from Beit Al-Taheri blew up two houses of Beit Al-Sanahni on Friday in Ibb governorate after an altercation over a wall that separates the two plots of land.  ..

Houthi gunmen killed local General People’s Congress (GPC) leader and tribal Sheikh Mohammed Abdo Al-W’eel on Saturday in Al-Nadera district in Ibb governorate for ..

The Houthis’ humanitarian oversight body has directed aid organizations operating in central Yemen to prevent gender mixing in their training activities in line with ..

As Yemen enters the new decade, its healthcare system appears to be going back in time, with the re-emergence of long-gone diseases due to years of war. Throughout 2019, ..

The swine flu, known globally as N1H1, has hit Ibb governorate in central Yemen particularly hard this year. In December alone, 54 swine flu cases have been identified and 10 ..

A young man and two girls have died from a viral fever, while dozens of others have been identified with the illness, in the Shara’b Al-Salam District along the northern ..

Medical officials on Wednesday announced the first death from dengue fever in Ibb governorate in central Yemen.  The patient died Tuesday evening in Jebla City, southwest ..

A Yemeni patient infected with the H1N1 virus, commonly known as swine flu, was turned away from government hospitals in Ibb governorate due to a lack of resources available to ..

A Yemeni girl injured two Houthi gunmen who tried to loot her father's farm in Ibb after shooting at them on Sunday. A local source told Almasdar Online that two members of the..

The Houthi authorities have dismissed 788 teachers from various directorates in Ibb governorate. A source who works for the ministry of education told Almasdar Online ..