The Saudi-led coalition has extended a unilateral ceasefire in Yemen by one month to support efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic, even as fighting persists in the ..

Update: By the end of Thursday, Houthi and Saudi media outlets were reporting violations of the ceasefire, each pointing the finger at the other party. -- ..

Yemen army naval units discovered and dismantled seven naval mines west of Sana Island, about 40 nautical miles from the shores of northwest Yemen, on Saturday evening, a military ..

A fishing boat exploded in the Red Sea after hitting a Houthi-planted mine on Wednesday morning, killing three Egyptian fishermen on board and injuring three others, according to ..

Yemen’s internationally recognized government announced on Monday that direct flights will start in February from Sana'a to Amman and Cairo to transport patients with ..

In overseeing a reconciliation agreement between the Yemeni government and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), Saudi Arabia has reached a pivotal moment in its ..