A prisoner release illustrates Saudi efforts at maintaining a truce with the Houthis

128 Yemeni prisoners returned from Saudi Arabia to Yemen

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Thursday it has transferred 128 prisoners from Saudi Arabia to Sana’a. ..

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Saudi Arabia wants to avoid the collapse of the truce with the Houthis and announces the release of 200 Houthi prisoners and the opening of ..

He led a resistance front against the Houthis, purged his district of Al-Qaeda militants, and commanded a military brigade in the recent ..

According to the National Bank of Yemen, its total deposits have grown by 66% since 2016 and its assets have increased by 67%, despite the ..

The Houthis have accused international humanitarian aid and relief organizations in Yemen of manipulating donor funds, a day after UN ..

A military source told Almasdar Online that on Friday morning a committee of officers from the Ministry of Defense arrived in Aden from ..

An official at Yemen Airways told Almasdar Online that two new Airbus A320 aircraft will join the company's fleet in 2020. The agreement..

Yemen's General Authority for Civil Aviation announced on Thursday the resumption of commercial flights to and from Al-Rayyan ..

Government security forces in Shabwa governorate intercepted on Thursday evening an Emirati convoy transporting weapons, including sniper ..

Aslam (Yémen) (AFP) - Mohammed Manea has tended honey bees northeast of Sanaa for years, but despairs that the production of ..

Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz says the kingdom hopes the Riyadh agreement will lead to broader peace talks in Yemen. This ..

Khaled Mohammed Al-Heeth, 43, was a government employee at the Yemeni Ministry of Culture, the breadwinner of a middle class family, and a ..