Human Rights

Hamid Bin Haydara was first imprisoned in 2013 and faced a series of sham court trials for four years on charges of apostasy and spying for Israel

Houthi appeals court reaffirms death sentence, confiscates assets of Baha’i religious minority leader 

A Houthi-run appeals court reaffirmed the death sentence of Baha’i religious leader Hamid Bin Haydara on Sunday and ordered the ..

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The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Saturday that heavy fighting on the front lines between Sana’a and Al-Jawf ..

For the ninth consecutive day, Yemeni journalist and human rights activist Hamza Al-Hammadi remains detained by Kuwaiti authorities since ..

The mother of imprisoned journalist Hassan Annab passed away Thursday after waiting nearly five years for his release. Houthi militants ..

Yemen’s Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Askar commemorated International Human Rights Day by honoring Aden security chief Major ..

Journalists and activists held a vigil in Marib on Tuesday to denounce the arbitrary arrest and detention of 10 journalists by the Houthis ..

The Saudi-led coalition air force deliberately targeted prisoners who survived the bombing of a community college prison in Dhamar ..

About 5,000 Somali refugees have returned home since the beginning of 2015, the United Nations said Wednesday. This information was ..

In a report entitled "Slow Death", the organization highlighted abuses against sick detainees in Houthi prisons The organization ..

A report entitled  "Under the Oppression," prepared by the Office of the Ministry of Human Rights in the Capital, was ..

Three students were wounded by gunfire during an attack by Abu Al-Abbas brigades of the 35th Armored Brigade as they stormed a school on ..

The Association of Mothers of Abductees, a Yemeni association, has expressed deep concerns about the absence of the issue of abductees and ..