Human Rights

Houthis are perpetrators of more than 25,000 violations against civilians in Sanaa, according to an official human rights report

Human rights report logs 25,000 Houthi-perpetrated violations against civilians in Sana

A report entitled  "Under the Oppression," prepared by the Office of the Ministry of Human Rights in the Capital, was ..

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Three students were wounded by gunfire during an attack by Abu Al-Abbas brigades of the 35th Armored Brigade as they stormed a school on ..

The Association of Mothers of Abductees, a Yemeni association, has expressed deep concerns about the absence of the issue of abductees and ..

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — An international medical relief agency said Thursday that a hospital it runs in western Yemen was damaged in a ..

(15, October, 2019), 3 detainees in al-Thawra prison in Sana’a have started a hunger strike, protesting the unhealthy conditions and ..

emeni students who have scholarships in India held a protest to demand their outstanding payments.    (9, October, 2019), Five ..

(1, October, 2019), More than 30 camps and houses were swept away and destroyed by flooding in al-Jafina area in Marib governorate, ..

“The future for our defence sector is a very bright one.” So said Fleur Thomas, head of exports for the United ..

(Beirut) – Saudi-led coalition naval forces have carried out at least five deadly attacks on Yemeni fishing boats since ..

  (Addis Ababa) – Ethiopians undertaking the perilous journey by boat across the Red Sea or Gulf of Aden face ..