Houthi supervisors have faced ongoing accusations of corruption and abuse of power given the relative impunity with which they are allowed to operate 

Houthi "supervisor" kills two brothers and maims a third for refusing to rent land in Sana'a

Nabeel Alawzari, a Sana’a-based photojournalist, said in a Facebook page on Wednesday that Houthi “supervisor” Ibrahim ..

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Yemeni Army forces retreated from the Nihm front, northeast of the capital Sana’a, after a Houthi attack amid intense fighting between..

Huda Al-Sarari, a prominent Aden-based lawyer and human rights activist, told Almasdar Online on Wednesday that seven of the detainees at ..

The conflict in Yemen has divided countless families and communities, and given momentum to a range of groups calling for separation or ..

Yemeni army forces retook strategic positions, killed and captured more than 30 Houthis in the third day of intense fighting along Nihm ..

Houthi authorities returned the bodies of six children to their families in the northwest city of Dhamar on Tuesday, 45 days after..

In an exclusive interview with Almasdar Online’s Moath Rajeh, UN special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths condemns the recent ..

Teams Sha’b Hadhramout and Wehdat Aden tied in a match on Monday at the Olympic Stadium in Seiyun, the capital city of Hadhramout in ..

A high-level European Union (EU) delegation arrived in Sana’a on Sunday to meet with Houthi leaders following an earlier visit to..

At least five Houthis and one government soldier were killed and others injured on Sunday when fighting erupted along the Hareeb front south..

The undersecretary of health in Yemen's internationally recognized government, Abdulraqeeb Al-Haidari, said on Sunday that the ..

In a briefing before the United Nations Security Council in New York, UN special envoy Martin Griffiths praised Yemen’s leaders for ..