Press Freedom

The parties to the conflict increasingly regard the media as a major enemy, the report said

Report: Yemen witnessed 143 violations against journalists and the media in 2019

The Yemeni Media Freedom Observatory (YMFO) documented 143 violations against journalists and media organizations in Yemen in 2019. The ..

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The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate has condemned Hani Bin Brik, vice president of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), who ..

The National Organization of Yemeni Media (SADA) has blamed the Houthi for the safety of  kidnapped journalists, calling for their ..

A report issued by the Observatory for Media Freedoms revealed that 12 violations against media freedom were recorded in Yemen in ..

An alarming total of at least 20 journalists have been the victims of enforced disappearance in Yemen since the start of the civil war in ..

The Defense Committee of Detainees and Abductees said that the Specialized Criminal Court, which is under Houthi control in the capital ..